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A Majority of Canadian Car Shoppers Believe Electric Vehicles Will Take Over the Road in 10 Years

Electric vehicles (EVs) currently represent a small slice of the Canadian automotive market, however, it’s important for dealers to understand how consumers look at these vehicles and there’s no better way to do so than an examination of what informs a consumer’s decision-making process. In March 2022 we conducted a national consumer research survey of …

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Consumer Research Results: Car Shopping Throughout the Pandemic

While the pandemic remains a concern for some Canadians, the general outlook for most consumers is that the COVID-19 situation is improving, and they’re ready to return to normal life, which includes car shopping. The online shopping tools that were a necessity during pandemic restrictions have now become the method of choice for the majority …

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Car Shopper Challenges & Preferences: What You Need to Know

Throughout our ongoing consumer research, it has become abundantly clear that car shopping behaviour is constantly in flux. From how consumers shop, to where they shop and their preferred tools and resources, these factors often vary. In our latest study we turned to car shoppers to understand their car buying process preferences and behaviours …

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How Canadians Shopped for Cars in 2021 & Top Trends of the Year

With 2021 in our rear view mirror, many people are looking forward to a fresh start after a tumultuous year, characterized by ongoing pricing and availability shifts in the market. As we've turned the page and rung in 2022, took a look back at what was a big year in the Canadian automotive industry. …

Read more Car Shopper Purchase Intentions Study Shows Promising Results Heading Into the New Year

Since our last COVID-19 Pulse update in the first half of this year, we’ve witnessed the easement of many local and provincial government restrictions across the country, coupled with widespread vaccine rollout and more effective therapeutics, resulting in a highly anticipated return to a pre-pandemic way of life. As a result of these improvements, it …

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