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How Canadians Shopped for Cars in 2021 & Top Trends of the Year

With 2021 in our rear view mirror, many people are looking forward to a fresh start after a tumultuous year, characterized by ongoing pricing and availability shifts in the market. As we’ve turned the page and rung in 2022, took a look back at what was a big year in the Canadian automotive industry… Car Shopper Purchase Intentions Study Shows Promising Results Heading Into the New Year

Since our last COVID-19 Pulse update in the first half of this year, we’ve witnessed the easement of many local and provincial government restrictions across the country, coupled with widespread vaccine roll-out and more effective therapeutics, resulting in a highly anticipated return to a pre-pandemic way of life…

Canadian Car Shoppers Looking to Upsize for Their Next Vehicle Purchase continually monitors for trends on its various platforms, which spans hundreds of thousands of vehicle listings and millions of users, and in recent years it has become clear that there has been a seismic shift away from traditional sedans in favour of larger crossovers, SUVs and trucks… Match

Match is a complimentary process that matches your sales data with’s marketplace data to attribute how many sales were influenced by With Match you get a better understanding of your ROI on your marketplace investment and what factors drive your Match rate.