Ultimate Guide to Lead Handling & Management

Maximize Success & Drive Lasting Customer Relationships

Enhance your lead handling and management processes and strategy with best practices that are sure to help you drive engagement and build trust with prospective buyers. We’ve put together a fulsome suite of assets to assist in enhancing the way your dealership handles and manages inbound leads!

Harness the Power of AI & Data Insights to Optimize the Mix & Performance of Your Listing Upgrades!

Let the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and data insights go to work for your Listing Upgrade investments to put your inventory in front of the right car shoppers and move more metal off your lot!

Upgrade Optimizer AI

Canada’s Largest & Most Trusted Automotive Marketplace – AutoTrader.ca

Browse through the specifics of our AutoTrader.ca Used Vehicle Listings packages to find the offering that best suits your dealership’s needs and get ready to leverage value added features that drive online reach, engagement and conversion for your inventory listings on Canada’s largest and most trusted automotive marketplace – AutoTrader.ca.


AutoTrader Carology Bitesize: Car Shopper Perceptions & Intentions

Canadian automotive dealerships can garner success by assisting car shoppers in overcoming the economic impacts they may be facing during their car shopping journey. In this AutoTrader Carology Bitesize episode, we are joined by Tiffany Ding, Director of Insights & Intelligence at AutoTrader.ca, to discuss consumer intent to purchase a vehicle, factors impacting vehicle purchase intentions, pointers for dealers, and more!

AutoTrader.ca Delivers First AI-Powered Automotive Marketplace Solution to Canadian Dealerships

TORONTO, ON – August 23, 2023 – AutoTrader.ca, Canada’s largest and most trusted automotive marketplace, has announced the launch of Upgrade Optimizer – AI, a breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) technology that is set to deliver efficiencies to the management, likewise spur performance for promoted dealership placements, through the AutoTrader.ca Listing Upgrade product portfolio. As ever, the goal of this investment is to help Canadian automotive dealerships sell more cars, more quickly and more profitably…

Overcoming Car Buyer Hesitancy in a Period of High Prices & Increased Interest Rates

Canadian car shopper confidence has been increasing steadily, with purchase intentions continuing to rise since last year. But the car shopping journey and purchase process can still present certain challenges for buyers, and dealership operators who have an acute understanding of the drivers behind consumer hesitancy, will be well-equipped to help shoppers navigate purchase and finance options that work for them…

Instant Cash Offer


Instant Cash Offer

Tap into a new source of quality trade-ins and qualified car buyers!

AutoTrader.ca Match

Match is a complimentary process that matches your sales data with AutoTrader.ca’s marketplace data to attribute how many sales were influenced by AutoTrader.ca. With Match you get a better understanding of your ROI on your marketplace investment and what factors drive your Match rate.