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2022 Year in Review

Canadian Car Shopper Tendencies & Trends: A 2022 Retrospective

With the close of 2022 fast approaching we found it fitting to reflect on some of the findings from various consumer research studies conducted this year, and unpack the key aspects to assist with fine-tuning your dealership’s strategy. While some of the challenges from 2021 shifted into 2022, most notably the supply and demand mismatch, we also saw several good news stories, especially surrounding purchase intentions… Top Searched Vehicles of 2022

Data released from AutoTrader, reveals a nuanced view on car shopper preferences in 2022, underscored by surging consumer demand, residual impacts from the global microchip shortage, and record high fuel prices. While luxury and mainstay car brands remained top favourites for Canadians, more economical options also gained in popularity…

AutoTrader Study Finds Vehicle Purchase Intentions Remain Steady Despite Economic Uncertainty

The big question on nearly everyone’s mind these days is if economic activity has declined, and we have or will move into a recession. It’s an important one for the automotive industry overall – especially for car dealerships – in judging consumer vehicle purchase intentions in light of the economic uncertainty…


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