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Enhance your lead handling and management processes and strategy with best practices that are sure to help you drive engagement and build trust with prospective buyers. We’ve put together a fulsome suite of assets to assist in enhancing the way your dealership handles and manages inbound leads!

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Let the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and data insights go to work for your Listing Upgrade investments to put your inventory in front of the right car shoppers and move more metal off your lot!

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Browse through the specifics of our AutoTrader.ca Used Vehicle Listings packages to find the offering that best suits your dealership’s needs and get ready to leverage value added features that drive online reach, engagement and conversion for your inventory listings on Canada’s largest and most trusted automotive marketplace – AutoTrader.ca.

Featured Consumer Research Insights & Latest Industry News

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Clarivoy Study Reveals AutoTrader.ca Influences Majority of Vehicle Sales in Canada

TORONTO, ON – February 7, 2024 – AutoTrader.ca, Canada’s largest and most trusted automotive marketplace, is pleased to announce the results of a comprehensive study that underscores the unique value it brings to automotive dealerships in driving vehicle sales. The study, conducted in collaboration with Clarivoy, a leader in identity-based targeting and measurement for automotive marketers, focused on understanding the impact of various marketing channels on vehicle sales within the Canadian automotive landscape…

2024 AutoTrader Awards: 5 Grand Prix Winners Revealed for Canada’s Most Trusted Automotive Awards

TORONTO – Feb. 15, 2024 — Five Grand Prix winners for the 2024 AutoTrader Awards have been announced today, revealing the best overall vehicles in Canada according to some of the country’s leading automotive experts. “These Grand Prix winners received the most votes out of all category winners from our expert jury and represent the best of the best,” says Jodi Lai, AutoTrader’s Editor-in-Chief. “As part of AutoTrader’s commitment to Canadian car buyers, we hope they can feel confident with these expert choices, as they all raise the bar in an important way…

AutoTrader Price Index: December 2023

After a strong start to the year, there has been a gradual decrease in the demand for used cars since the beginning of Q3. This trend, combined with the surge in used inventory due to the strong growth in new car sales throughout 2023, has resulted in six consecutive months of declining prices for used cars. Additionally, new car prices have seen a modest decline in the last quarter, possibly indicating a near-term peak…

Instant Cash Offer


Instant Cash Offer

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AutoTrader.ca Match

Match is a complimentary process that matches your sales data with AutoTrader.ca’s marketplace data to attribute how many sales were influenced by AutoTrader.ca. With Match you get a better understanding of your ROI on your marketplace investment and what factors drive your Match rate.