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The CIAS and TRADER team up to deliver a must-attend Industry Day. Leading professionals share big data insights to understanding and influencing today’s multi-platform auto shoppers.

TRADER Corporation is Proud to Present Industry Day: Secrets of the Auto Intender

Toronto, ON — January 30, 2015 — TRADER Corporation, home of Canada’s #1 auto marketplace,, and top provider of automotive digital marketing solutions, is teaming up with the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto to host this year’s must-attend Industry Day.

Keynote speaker, the Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane, will show how big data gave him and his team the competitive edge. At Industry Day, “Secrets of the Auto Intender,” we will also hear from key industry leaders in the use of big data: Hotspex, Coherent Path, and Ocean Media.  The Industry Day ticket includes free access on Friday to the AutoShow floor immediately following the event.

This complementary event will reveal insights from big data and give competitive advantage to anyone who must reach or influence the auto consumer/intender. OEMs, marketing agencies, and dealers will learn that data reveals how auto intenders research and shop across multiple digital platforms. Using big data, TRADER and industry experts will reveal consumer behavior patterns that will help dealers optimize their multi-platform marketing efforts and investment – right down to the make/model level.


Blly Beane – The Oakland A’s General Manager
Beane is one of the most progressive and talented baseball executives in the game, and subject of the Oscar-winning film, “Moneyball”. By implementing a Big Data statistical methodology, he shattered traditional MLB beliefs that big payrolls equated to more wins. Hear him explore the “Moneyball” philosophy – his innovative, winning approach to management and leadership!


James Glover – Coherent Path, President and Co-Founder
Topic: “Hide & Seek: How Big Data Can Help You Find Your Auto Consumer

Coherent Path is changing the way retailers and consumers interact, by focusing on the entire customer journey. Their cloud-based Loyalty Analytics and Personalization platform help clients such as Walgreens, Fandango, Metro and Kobo increase loyalty, drive purchases, and optimize customer engagement around strategic objectives.

Shane Skillen – Hotspex, Chief Executive Officer
Topic: “Facts from the Auto Buying Battlefield”

Hotspex is a top Canadian-based research and analytics firm. They deliver strategic, research-based recommendations throughout the brand cycle, empowering clients such as Toyota, Honda, GM, Audi, BMW, and TRADER, to develop, position, and execute ideas and solutions that truly connect with consumers.

Annmarie Turpin – Ocean Media; Senior Vice President, Client Analytics
Topic: “Lessons from the Media Frontier: Reaching Auto Intenders Effectively”

Ocean Media is one of the largest top-tier media planning and buying agencies in the US, with clients such as Priceline, eHarmony,, and Angie’s List. They utilize proprietary modeling tools and in-depth behavioural analytics to ensure you are buying the right media at the right price to reach your customers.

About Industry Day: Secrets of the Auto Intender
TRADER Corporation, in association with the CIAS, is pleased to present this important industry event on Friday, February 13th, 2015, from 9:00AM – 12:00PM, at the John W. H. Bassett Theatre, Metro Toronto Convention Center. Our panel of industry experts will share Big Data insights into today’s complex auto shopper. For more information, please visit:

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