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New chat, text and in-app messaging platform makes it even easier for Canadian automotive retailers to communicate with consumers at every stage of their car buying journey and sell more cars

Toronto, ON (January 24, 2019) – TRADER Corporation is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership and messaging platform that will enhance the car shopping experience for Canadian consumers. The company has partnered with leading online messaging software provider, Contact At Once!, a LivePerson Company, to introduce conversational commerce to the marketplace and the new and improved TAdvantage dealer websites across Canada.

TRADER’s live chat solution lets consumers connect with dealers on the go – live and in real-time. It shortens the time car shoppers typically spend inquiring about inventory and dealership-related information, helping to improve their car buying experience and get them into the dealership sooner.

90% of car shoppers are more likely to buy from a dealership that offers messaging options.1

“To keep pace with consumer trends and expectations, we are continuing to make enhancements to the marketplace to increase consumer engagement and attract more visitors to our customers’ vehicle listings,” said Jill Hadfield, Chief Product Officer, at TRADER. “We know that car shoppers are always looking for a faster, more convenient and seamless shopping experience, and live chat, text and in-app messaging will help provide that to them.”

The new online messaging platform is offered to all TRADER marketplace customers, with three levels of service available to support conversations with consumers:

  • Chat Direct – A self-managed solution provided to customers at no charge. Chat Direct includes chat, text and in-app messaging on the marketplace.
  • Chat Plus – An enhanced solution that includes the same features as Chat Direct – plus English and French speaking live agents available to reply to messages 24/7.
  • Chat Total – A complete messaging solution that lets consumers and dealers connect just about anywhere including the dealer’s website

Retailers can leverage conversational commerce throughout the consumer journey.

Adding the capability for car shoppers to connect with dealers directly from their mobile and desktop inventory listings makes the communication process much more efficient. It will also enable automotive retailers to start building engagement and more frequent touchpoints with consumers throughout their car buying journey.

“Consumers are trending toward conversational commerce and relying on messaging apps for all forms of communication, including when they’re car shopping. In fact, over 75% of surveyed car buyers said they’d prefer to message with a business rather than call or email,” said Jon Arnett, Head of Contact at Once! Canada. “The ability to connect with dealerships wherever and whenever they want to, and get questions answered in real-time, can make the car buying experience simpler and more satisfying. And I’m speaking from experience: I’ve personally purchased two vehicles via Chat.”

Whether on mobile or desktop, car shoppers can now instantly chat, text or message TRADER customers across Canada to get the answers they need about their inventory and dealerships.

Additionally, the conversation can continue indefinitely, leading to more opportunities for retailers to connect with the consumer and ultimately help them buy a vehicle from their store. TRADER’s messaging solution will continue to evolve to include voice and video chat, and options to drag and drop inventory directly into the message2 – making conversations even more personal and convenient for car shoppers and retailers alike.

(1) Contact at Once! Automotive Shoppers Study, September 2016. (2) Available on dealer portal only.


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Contact At Once!, a LivePerson Company, helps create satisfying connections and build relationships between auto shoppers and dealers by making it easier for consumers to ask questions and get information in the micro-moments when they shop — whether on a brand or retailer site, via online advertising, on social media, and more. Contact At Once! is the industry’s leading provider of conversational commerce messaging platforms with over 17,000 businesses using our solutions to build relationships with online, mobile shoppers. For more information, visit or

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