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We are pleased to announce we have introduced a new feature on that allows consumers to calculate the average price range of their vehicles – whether they’re buying, selling or trading in. It was developed as part of the next phase of our autoTRADER iQ initiative, to give car shoppers access to even more pricing transparency tools and help build trust with consumers.

This consumer-centric price guidance tool is live and accessible on the homepage of the mobile and desktop sites. It’s a non-intrusive process for consumers. We only collect info about the vehicle to calculate price ranges – no personal info is required. Prices are calculated using our own valuation algorithm.

Consumers can find the trade-in value of their vehicle in 3 easy steps: Select the vehicle details and region, the trim/style, and the condition of the vehicle. An average trade-in price range graph will be displayed, along with estimated tax savings on the trade.
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Consumers can find the average market value of the vehicle they want to buy or sell in 2 easy steps: Select the vehicle details and region, and the trim/style. The average buying price range will be plotted on a transparency graph, along with “Good” and “Great” price indicators. The graph compares the vehicle selected to the average market price on
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Pricing guidance for consumers looking to sell their vehicle privately will be available next month. An interim message will be displayed until this option is live on the marketplace.

Click here to see the new trade-in value tool on!