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Both experienced as well as first-time car buyers look to answer two key questions when embarking on a vehicle purchase: does it meet their needs and is the price compelling? However, the journey first-time buyers take to get to their final purchase decision can vary immensely from those with more experience. Understanding their habits and behaviour is essential to fine-tuning your marketing and sales processes, driving car shopper engagement, and building customer trust and confidence in your dealership.

In this episode of AutoTrader Carology Bitesize, we are joined by Tiffany Ding, Director of Insights & Intelligence at, to discuss the key findings and insights about first-time car buyers uncovered from our latest Vehicle Path to Purchase research. Tiffany highlights essential takeaways to keep in mind to steer first-time car buyers in the right direction and provide them with the support they need as they progress through the most challenging phases of their purchase journey.