Listing Upgrades

Priority Listings MAX

Stand Out from the Crowd on Desktop and Mobile Platforms.

Amplify your reach and exposure on the marketplace by placing your used inventory listings in the top positions of the search results page. Gaining higher on-page ad placement catalyzes even more attention to your listings from both desktop and mobile on-the-go shoppers. Priority Listings MAX is best used for aging vehicles or inventory that would benefit from an additional boost, to stand apart from your competitors, by lifting your listings to the most prominent section of the page.

Priority Listings MAX

Top Spot

Dominate the search results with first position placement.

Our data shows that consumers are most likely to click through on listings in the first position of the marketplace search results page. Put your inventory at the absolute top of the search results page, on desktop, mobile web and mobile apps, for complete domination of your competitors.

Top Spot

Swipe PRO

Maximize your inventory exposure across multiple platforms.

Mobile is becoming the key driver to reach out to more consumers. Swipe PRO is a multi-platform product designed to promote inventory, drive awareness and increase engagement with vehicle listings. How does it work? A featured dealer ad is inserted into the third spot of the mobile swipe process within a contextually relevant consumer search to help you vehicle ads surface much faster. You will also get a desktop Priority Listing for the same inventory – to maximize your inventory exposure across multiple platforms!

Priority Listings

Get your inventory where it belongs – at the top!

With hundreds of cars being listed a day, placement of your listings is important in ensuring your inventory gets seen. With Priority Listings+, you can target car shoppers in your local region by securing premium placement among the top 10 positions of the Search Results page.

Priority Listing

Provincial Priority Listings

Expand your reach on dual platforms.

Provincial Priority Listings feature your vehicles among the top 10 listings of the Search Results Page across the province. Provincial Priority Listings help you expand your consumer reach outside of your local for even greater exposure.

Provincial Priority Listings + Mobile

Expand your reach on desktop and mobile platforms.

Car shoppers will go the extra mile for the vehicle they want. With Provincial Priority Listings + Mobile you can feature your vehicles in the second position of the search results page across the province on desktop, the 11th on mobile, and every 10th position that follows, with a sticky treatment on scroll. Expand your consumer reach outside of your local area and engage with both the desktop and mobile car shopper!

Provincial Priority Listings + Mobile
Provincial Priority Listings - National

Provincial Priority Listings – National

The solution to reach the most car shoppers coast to coast.

Gain premium ad placement across the country to attract even more buyers to your vehicles. Be top of mind to both desktop and mobile consumers to maximize your reach. The more eyes on your inventory, the higher your probability of turning inventory faster.

Provincial Priority Listings – Plus 1

Attract a larger audience of car shoppers.

Consumers will go the distance for the right vehicle, are you promoting your inventory outside your local market to reach them? Be seen by more buyers across your province and another province of your choice on both desktop and mobile!

Provincial Priority Listing Plus One
Highlight Listings

Highlight Listings

Post more photos, sell more cars.

It’s proven – pictures sell. Highlight Listings feature an image carousel to grab the attention of the car shopper and stand apart from the competition. These listings can effectively merchandise your inventory to showcase unique vehicle features like interior finishes, trim detail and accessories, tires and rims, limited edition make and model badges, and more.

Mobile Boost

Reach the on-the-go, mobile car shopper!

With an ever-growing audience of mobile users – many of whom actively use mobile for browsing listings and scouring the internet for deals, there’s never been a more important time to bring all of your listings mobile. More users. More page views. More leads.

Mobile Boost

Get Matched with the Listing Upgrade That’s Right for Your Inventory Mix!