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Toronto, January 10, 2019 –TRADER Corporation in partnership with Alternator, OMD Canada and INFINITI Canada recently wrapped a cutting-edge content marketing program. The digital campaign highlighted the best in class design and functionality of the all-new 2019 INFINITI QX50 luxury crossover via immersive videos targeted to unique user groups.

The TRADER team utilized data and analytic tools to examine cross-shopping behaviours, and developed audience personas which then fueled content targeted based on the audience’s desires, interests and search patterns. Throughout the campaign, INFINITI received weekly updates to a live reporting dashboard. The dashboard captured campaign metrics, including engagement rates by video and segment.

“It has provided us with valuable insights about the INFINITI brand and our products: how we’re searched for, shopped, and compared to our competitors by in-market consumers,” says Scott Smith, Brand Marketing manager at INFINITI Canada. “Being ‘daring’ is part of the INFINITI ethos, so we were receptive to the idea of a campaign applying all-new thinking, tools and tactics to achieve results. The team delivered on every phase of our campaign, we are very pleased with the outcome.”

“For INFINITI, we needed real, measurable engagement with inspiring content. delivered in spades, with a video solution that was tailor-made for our target audiences. The bespoke execution was tight, they exceeded expectations and the results have exceeded benchmarks.” says Tracy Jones, Managing Director at Alternator, the creative content division of Omnicom Media Group Canada.

“We took a look at the analytics and used them to take a different approach to this campaign, at we believe the future of branded content is about understanding the consumer and delivering personalized original content,” says Stuart Staves, management consultant for TRADER Corporation.

The campaign was extended on Facebook as display ads, as well as on search results pages across Once a consumer clicked through, they landed on a custom interactive website that housed tailored videos and extensive details on the all-new 2019 INFINITI QX50. From here, consumers interacted with the elements of the page including building their own QX50 and reviewing specifications.

Since the launch, consumers have spent an average of three minutes engagement time on the website, which has led to an increased number of searches for the INFINITI QX50 on

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