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Fast, affordable results.

Quickly and easily list your vehicles on Canada’s largest automotive marketplace: easyLEAD’s simple 3 step process gives you total control over your vehicle listings – schedule what you want to list, when you want, and adjust pricing in real time. It’s never been easier to list on!

Vehicle Listings


Power and affordability at the push of a button.

Perform is a powerful yet affordable solution that helps you manage multiple listings across and multiple other marketplaces with the push of a button – saving you both time and money. With Perform, you have access to key features packed with value including listings, call tracking numbers, performance reporting and branding opportunities!


Custom Clickthrough

Add a 3rd party home page link directly to your listing. Vehicle Listings

Deep Link Clickthrough

Drive car shoppers from your listing deeper into your dealer website. Vehicle Listings

Leverage the reach of the marketplace and drive more high quality traffic to your third-party website’s home page. Custom Clickthrough enables you to connect your TRADER traffic to any third-party website or a secondary website of your choice. This is a great product to point to landing pages, blogs, review pages, and other tactics you want to employ along the consumers path to purchase.

Never miss a sale! Simply add Deep Link Clickthrough to your listings and you’ll have a link directly from your listing to the vehicle details page on your dealer website powered by TRADER Web Solutions. This is a great way to increase your web traffic using the 2nd highest source of web traffic after Google, and more importantly secure more leads from high-quality consumers actively browsing your dealership’s inventory online!

Make and Model Alternatives

Targeting consumers during their key buying decision.

Vehicle Listings

Make and Model Specialization

Establish your authority in a specific auto category.

Vehicle Listings

Great merchandising helps guide the consumer towards a purchase decision. That’s why Make and Model Alternatives is a great way to promote inventory in a given class. How does it work? Consumers are often faced with a vehicle decision in a given class, without having yet made up their minds. Make and Model Alternatives helps present multiple listings in the same class for the consumer to choose from – helping them streamline their vehicle search, and head straight to your dealership.

Does your dealership specialize in a particular make and mode or vehicle class? Have a ton of similar inventory on your lot? Make and Model Specialization is a great way to help merchandise multiple vehicles in the same class at the same time and powerfully position your dealership online. This is perfect for targeting that car buyer who has already made up their mind for what kind of car they want to buy, and are now down to the short strokes of year, price, options, colour, etc.

Find out how Listings and Listing Add-Ons can take your dealership to the next level!