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Get your used car inventory in front of the most serious and qualified car shoppers with Used Vehicle Listings. You’ll gain access to a robust inventory management system, 1-SOURCE, to efficiently manage your listings and get an instant view of your analytics and reporting. Select the package that suits your dealership’s needs and get ready to leverage value added features that drive online reach, engagement and conversion for your inventory listings on


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Inventory Management Console (1-SOURCE)
Publishing & Content Creation Tools
Image Uploads
Vehicle Merchandising
Score &
Price Drop
CarFax Report Uploads
Logo Overlay
Custom Video
(Youtube Supported)
Stitch Video
Communication Channels
Call Tracking Number
Text Message
Lead & Conversion Enhancers
General Inquiry
Book an Appointment
Payment Calculator
Vehicle Reservation
Enriched Lead
Consumer Insights
Test Drive Incentives
Dealership Branding
Dealership Page
Promotions &
Specials Call-Outs
Brand Takeover VDPs
Reporting & Analytics
Visibility Boosters
Dealership Inventory
Highlight Listings
Service & Support
Email Support
Telephone Support
Total Care Client
Applied to All Used Inventory
Applied to All Used Inventory


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Boost Your Listings with Useful Tools & Recommendations


Build Better Connections with Car Buyers and Bridge the Gap Between the Online & Offline Experience

Video has become an increasingly important tactic of a dealership’s online merchandising mix, arising from broader car shopper expectations as well as amplified engagement with video content on Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs). Stitch Video and Custom Videos showcasing your inventory listings on take prospective buyers beyond the surface, through a more engaging format, emulating the dealership experience and attracting more motivated car shoppers to your inventory listings.

Custom Video
Embed videos to your listings at the click of a button, to promote your dealership or your inventory – complete with YouTube embed support!

Stitch Video
A custom video made up of photos of your inventory images, stitched together, with automated trim-level captions and a post-roll informational banner.

Logo Overlay

Outpace Your Competitors with the Power of Your Brand

Save time by fully automating the process of adding highly customized branding to all the images of your used inventory making your dealership name top of mind while consumer browse your listing photos.

Vehicle Merchandising Score & Recommendations

Stay On Top of Your Merchandising with This User-Friendly Reporting Tool

This intuitive report features all of your inventory and provides simple recommendations to ensure your listings are appealing and informative for consumers.

Price Drop

Highlight Your Reduced Prices to Garner the Attention of More Motivated Buyers

Your drop in asking price for specific inventory listings will be highlighted on your Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) by showing a strikethrough on the previous vehicle price.


Effectively Communicate with Your Customers Across Multiple Mediums


Message Consumers on the Go, at the Exact Moment They Want to Connect with You – Live & In Real-Time

Whether on mobile or desktop, car shoppers can instantly chat with a member of your team to get the answers they need about your inventory and dealership. What’s more, you can record a video of the vehicle and send it directly through the chat!

Email, Telephone with Call Tracking & Text Message

Give Consumers More Tool & Opportunities to Connect with You

Drive your prospects further down the funnel with focused methods of contacting you directly in any method they prefer, phone, email, or text. The Call Tracking feature dedicates a unique phone number to your dealership which appears across all of your inventory listings, reporting inbound leads directly to your 1-SOURCE Inventory Management Console.


Get Improved Lead Quality with Rich Insight into Consumer Shopping Behaviour & Preferences

Payment Calculator – Plus

Drive Financially Fit Car Shopper Engagement & Leads for Your Inventory Listings

There is an ever-growing need to provide car shoppers with transparency and accuracy surrounding their vehicle payment rates and cost. Payment Calculator – Plus displays customized finance rates and drives pre-qualified leads for your inventory listings directly through the enhanced Payment Calculator on your Vehicle Detail Page (VDP). You can control your car loan finance rates via highly customizable configuration in 1-SOURCE to capture the details of financially sound car shoppers via an easy-to-use lead form, embedded directly to the Payment Calculator feature!

Enriched Lead

Enriched Lead

Leverage Rich Insights to Prioritize the Most Serious Car Shoppers and Drive More Sales

Prioritization of inbound leads goes a long way to shortening the duration of your sales cycle. Get an in-depth view of each car shopper’s overall journey on the Marketplace to focus on inbound leads from the most serious car shoppers. This tool provides you with a detailed view into your customers vehicle preference, time spent in the car shopping journey, and total volume of leads submitted, which are integrated to your CRM. Use these insights to build a customized follow up strategy.

Consumer Insights

Zoom Into Each Lead Record for an Instant View into the Specifics of Their Car Buying Journey

Discover the type of vehicles, new or used, and the overall budget of each lead, dealership type and lot sizes your prospects are browsing most often, and exclusive view into top searched models to make additional vehicle recommendations when the consumer visits your lot. The dashboard feature provides easy access to the specifics you need to make better decisions on your lead follow up prioritization and process.

Vehicle Reservation

Connect With the Most Serious Shoppers

Shoppers can place a deposit to reserve a vehicle they are interested in, directly from your VDP, providing an all-new source of only the most serious leads, so follow up with these requests and close the deal!

Test Drive Incentives

Bring Your Online Traffic to Life with Test Drive Rewards

This feature identifies and targets highly engaged shoppers with gift cards from premium vendors like Apple or Amazon to incent them to visit your dealership for a test drive.

Book an Appointment

Streamline the Process of Scheduling an Appointment for Prospective Buyers & Your Dealership

This feature identifies and targets highly engaged shoppers with gift cards from premium vendors like Apple or Amazon to incent them to visit your dealership for a test drive.


Enhance Your Brand Exposure Online Through Powerful Solutions

Brand Takeover

Leverage the Power of Your Brand to Increase Awareness, Drive More Engagement & Convert More Leads

A strong brand takes your online presence beyond product and pricing, building a sense of trust and reliability for your business in the car shopper’s mind, resulting in tangible lifts to overall measures of loyalty. Dominate your Vehicle Details Page (VDP) to showcase the power of your dealership’s brand, maximizing this premium real estate with impactful branded banners, showcasing dealership’s awards, callouts for promotions and incentives, as well as your store’s strengths and unique selling proposition.


Get an Instant Boost to Inventory Exposure

Dealer Inventory Exposure

Expand Your Marketplace Exposure with Inventory Call-Outs on the SRP & VDP

Drive heightened visibility and clickthroughs to your inventory listings from highly engaged consumers by embedding contextually relevant inventory listings – containing similar or the same makes and models – on Search Results Pages (SRPs), Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs), as well as private seller VDPs.


Dedicated Support Specialist to Handle Your Questions & Requests

Total Care Client Services

Access to an Exclusive & Highly Personalized Client Service Experience Aligned to Your Dealership’s Support Needs

Our industry leading Total Care Client Services offering provides your dealership operation with exclusive and unparalleled bilingual support, no matter where you are in the country. Staffed by highly experienced professionals, not only knowledgeable with our products and services, but also with the constantly evolving Canadian automotive landscape, you’ll have access to a single point of contact and an incomparable service experience tailored to your dealership’s unique needs.



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