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We are continuing to analyze the trends on the marketplace with our Director of Marketing Intelligence, Baris Akyurek. Here are our finding’s from the week of April 6th, 2020.

“Last week, the amount of visits and unique visitors to the marketplace remained stable in comparison to the prior week. What’s most interesting to note is that consumers are becoming even more engaged with dealer inventory, evidenced by growth in VDP views of 5% week-over-week. Leads have also increased by 5% against last week, driving more opportunities for dealers to connect with potential customers.”

Our advice to dealers remains to ensure you are handling each lead closely and providing your customers with information about any remote services you are offering. Consumers are more likely to move further through the purchase process if you share the options you have available today to transact safely. Learn about the tools in the Remote Selling Suite, to effectively connect with shoppers remotely.