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For the third consecutive year, AutoTrader has recognized Canadian dealerships committed to consistently offering transparent pricing and great value for Canadian car shoppers with the exclusive and prestigious 2022 AutoTrader Best Priced Dealer Award.

AutoTrader Best Priced Dealer Award winners are identified, by province, through a scientific analysis of the top dealerships on the Marketplace with the highest percentage of “Good” and “Great” price badges applied to their inventory listings, according to the iQ algorithm. This process analyzes real-time pricing data of vehicles listed on the Marketplace to offer a statistically backed benchmark across the nation.

Dealerships that are recognized will receive both physical and digital trophies, badges, and additional material to display across their physical lots and virtual presence, to showcase to their prospective and active clients their commitment to fair and transparent pricing.

The Best Priced Dealer Awards marks one of many initiatives directed at reinforcing a trusted purchase environment for consumers on the Marketplace. The mission is to evoke instant consumer confidence in dealers who price competitively and support Canadians who identify price guidance as a top consideration in the car purchase journey.

Visit for more about the award program and this year’s list of recognized dealerships.

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