Instant Cash Offer

Introducing Instant Cash Offer (ICO)

An Innovative Bridge Between Pre-Qualified Online Consumers
and Your Dealership’s Lot

Instant Cash Offer (ICO) benefits both consumers and your dealership operations by providing a well-qualified and ready-to-go inventory source. You can easily connect with consumers looking to sell or trade-in a vehicle and provide them with a more efficient process that effectively streamlines the negotiation process.

Buying Center

Tap Into a New Source of Quality Inventory

Instant Cash Offer (ICO) Buying Center is your all-new source of high-quality pre-owned vehicles – absolutely risk-free! Eliminate the middle man, part ways with administrative and transaction fees, with an innovative new offering that provides you with access to pre-owned vehicles directly from consumers. In just a few clicks, you’ll get an instant view into the pieces available in your market that fit your budget. Detailed vehicle reports and precise vehicle valuations, baked right into the tool, bring you one step closer to a stocked used car lot with heaps of profit potential.

Trade Center

A New Source of Quality Trade-Ins & Qualified Car Buyers

Instant Cash Offer (ICO) Trade Center is your all-new source of qualified car buyers with quality trades in tow! The consumer facing tool is accessible through the Instant Cash Offer platform on your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) as well as a widget embedded to your dealership website, providing consumers access to an instant valuation for their trade ahead of visiting your store to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. Consumers input the specifics about the vehicle they intend to trade into your store and are presented with an instant valuation, eliminating any inefficiencies associated with the traditional trade-in process.

Website Widget

Capture Trade-In Interest Directly Through Your Dealership Website

Did you know that you can offer your customers the simplicity and ease of trading-in a vehicle through Instant Cash Offer (ICO) directly from your dealership website? The Website Widget can be seamlessly embedded to your website, allowing users to input their vehicle condition, just as they would on the Marketplace, providing for a consistent consumer experience and another pathway to connect with pre-qualified consumers.

Consumer Shopping Insights

We Asked Consumers What They Found Most Challenging When Selling or Trading In a Car


Are unsure if they are getting a fair trade-in value for their vehicle


Find it helpful to obtain a trade-in valuation online before visiting a dealership


Want to receive a trade-in value through a third-party

Source: DIG Insights – Path to Purchase, April 2020.

“A lot of customers feel anxiety about going to the dealer, having the vehicle appraised, thinking that they aren’t getting the right money. It allows the customer to feel comfortable knowing that it’s not just us putting that number – it’s backed by points of data and we can use the AutoTrader name, which is powerful in gaining consumers trust.”

Joshua Preziuso | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Colony Ford Lincoln

How Does the Program Benefit You?

  • Acquire high-quality, low mileage vehicles
  • New source of inventory with no risk if you don’t want to keep the car
  • Streamlined and more effective negotiation process
  • Leverage with walk-in traffic to help begin the appraisal process
  • Provide continued transparency for increased consumer loyalty
Instant Cash Offer

How Does It Work?

The Instant Cash Offer is generated on based on the vehicle’s condition and market value. The dealer then invites the seller for a professional appraisal and the consumer can leave with a cheque or a new car the same day.

Trade-In Valuation on Marketplace or Dealership Website

  • Consumer enters car/condition
  • ICO tool prices and provides offer

Dealer Inspection

  • Consumer visits participating dealership
  • Dealer validates condition using the tool

Trade-In Vehicle or Sell for Cash

  • Consumer negotiates any purchase
  • Trader-in value deducted from vehicle purchase price
  • Or dealer writes cheque for the purchase of the vehicle

Dealer's Choice

  • Retail or wholesale for profit
  • Or transfers from partner for disposal
Instant Cash Offer

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With access to all the resources you need to get setup for success

  • Detailed ‘Dealer Handbook’ featuring consumer communication guide with email scripts and talk tracks
  • Dedicated Performance Manager and support team
  • Marketing campaign to build awareness and pre-educate sellers

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