Instant Cash Offer

A Frictionless Connection Between Dealerships & Private Party Sellers

Instant Cash Offer (ICO) transforms the traditional vehicle acquisition process by providing a convenient solution to obtain quality used vehicles from private parties. These vehicles are brought directly to your dealership for inspection and validation, eliminating the operating and transportation costs associated with traditional acquisition methods and sources.

Revitalize your inventory sourcing process and attract highly qualified buyers, all while enhancing the experience you deliver to your customers with ICO!

Recent Shifts to Market Dynamics

Prompting a Rethink of Traditional Inventory Acquisition Sources

Prime Inventory Selection


Trade-ins don’t occur with the same frequency as they once did, creating a greater need for new acquisition sources



It has become more difficult to acquire inventory from traditional sources like auctions:

  • High prices​
  • Increased competition
  • Rising cost of vehicle reconditioning, transportation and buying fees​


Ramp up in consumer offerings to get instant vehicle valuations and obtain a purchase offer prior to sale or trade

Consumer Shopping Insights

We Asked Consumers What They Found Most Challenging When Selling or Trading a Car


of used car buyers believe getting a fair price for their old vehicle is one of the most difficult aspects1


find it helpful to obtain a vehicle valuation online before visiting a dealership2


prefer to receive a vehicle valuation through a third-party3

Source: (1) DIG Insights, Path to Purchase, August 2022. (2) DIG Insights, Contactless Services, January 2022.(3) DIG Insights, Path to Purchase, April 2020.

Instant Cash Offer Modules


Introducing Instant Cash Offer – Acquire, your opportunity to gain access to quality pre-owned vehicles to stock on your dealership lot. Consumers enter the Acquire experience directly from the homepage, where they are matched with dealerships that are a good fit for their vehicle. Upon validating the vehicle specifics, condition and valuation through an in-person appointment, you can acquire the vehicle on the spot and transition it directly into your merchandising flow!



Instant Cash Offer – Trade is an easy way to connect with qualified consumers with quality trades in tow! Consumers enter the Trade module directly through your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) on When the car shopper visits your dealership, you can guide them through the car they are interested in purchasing and concurrently confirm the specifics, condition and valuation of their trade-in, ensuring your margins are protected on both ends of the deal!

Website Widget

Bring the Acquire and Trade experience to your dealership website with a seamless and easy-to-deploy integration. The Website Widget allows consumers to enter their vehicle information directly through your website to obtain an instant valuation for the vehicle they’re looking to dispose of or trade-in.


“A lot of customers feel anxiety about going to the dealer, having the vehicle appraised, thinking that they aren’t getting the right money. It allows the customer to feel comfortable knowing that it’s not just us putting that number – it’s backed by points of data and we can use the AutoTrader name, which is powerful in gaining consumers trust.”

Joshua Preziuso | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Colony Ford Lincoln

Program Benefits


Identify serious sellers and acquire high-quality vehicles that move through requisite VIN submission


Streamline and enhance the process of appraising and evaluating trade-ins as well as vehicle acquisition opportunities


Leverage data and information from a reliable source to educate consumers about the value of their cars, promoting transparency and trust


Access fulsome insights to identify and bring common problems with vehicles to your attention

How it Works

Vehicles Acquired With ICO

Source: (4) AutoTrader Data Warehouse, January – December 2022


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  • Detailed ‘Dealer Handbook’ featuring consumer communication guide with email scripts and talk tracks
  • Dedicated Performance Manager and support team
  • Marketing campaign to build awareness and pre-educate sellers

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