Instant Cash Offer

Instant Cash Offer


An innovative bridge between pre-qualified online consumers and your dealership’s lot

Instant Cash Offer is a new program benefiting both consumers and you along with your dealership operations

We wanted to make it easier and faster for consumers to sell or trade their vehicle while also providing a new, well-qualified, and ready-to-go inventory source for our dealers. 

This program connects you with sellers and supports you in more effective on-the-lot negotiation processes. 

Instant Cash Offer

Why should you participate?

With the Instant Cash Offer program you will:

  • Create a smoother and more effective negotiation process for the consumer when selling/trading-in
  • Continue the transparent online consumer journey to your dealership
  • Connect with pre-qualified consumers and their potentially higher quality vehicles
  • Transact risk-free with a dedicated disposal process of unwanted vehicles

“A lot of customers feel anxiety about going to the dealer, having the vehicle appraised, thinking that they aren’t getting the right money. It allows the customer to feel comfortable knowing that it’s not just us putting that number – it’s backed by points of data and we can use the autoTRADER name, which is powerful in gaining consumers trust.”

Joshua Preziuso | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Colony Ford Lincoln

We asked consumers what they found most challenging when selling or trading in a car…


do not know the value of their car


do not like negotiating trade-in value with dealers


do not like long and inconvenient processes


do not like transacting with strangers when selling privately

…the Instant Cash Offer program can solve all those challenges

* Instant Cash Offer (ICO) Research / DIG Insights, TRADER, September 2018​.

How does it work?

A friction-free alternative for consumers to sell or trade-in their car.

The Instant Cash Offer is generated on based on the vehicle’s condition and market value. Dealer then invites the seller for a professional appraisal and the consumer can leave with a cheque or a new car the same day.

Instant Cash Offer

TRADER is here to support you

Providing the resources that will set you up for success

  • Detailed Dealer handbook featuring consumer communication guide with email scripts and talk tracks
  • Dedicated performance manager and call support team
  • Marketing campaign to pre-educate sellers


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