Introducing the Remote Selling Suite

A suite of tools to build a better connection to online shoppers

We’re committed to providing you with innovative ways to transform your dealership’s online operations. That’s why we’ve developed the Remote Selling Suite – a collection of tools to help you carry out everyday sales operations online within the marketplace and to keep you connected with the millions of Canadians who are searching for cars on This toolkit makes it easier to engage customers and conduct business remotely, by providing them with more ways to confidently and safely shop for their next vehicle from home.

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Real Time Chat

Leverage video to engage with at-home car shoppers

Give your prospective online buyers an engaging digital experience with Real Time Chat. As well as giving the buyer a personalized, interactive, and real-time shopping experience from the comfort of their home, with the click of a button you’ll be able to record a virtual walk-around tour of the vehicle and send it to the interested buyer. This immersive experience replicates the experience of visiting a showroom in person, allowing your salespeoples’ personalities and closing abilities to engage the prospective buyer to the same degree they would in-person.

Real-Time Chat
On The Lot (OTL) Events

OTL Events

Drive awareness for your dealerships’ social distancing efforts

Have you considered offering vehicle test drive drop-offs? Post purchase at-home deliveries? Keep your prospective customers in-the-know with OTL Events! This feature provides a dedicated area of your VDP (vehicle detail page) and image carousel to display a visual, informing consumers of the services and tools your dealership has available for stay-at-home car shoppers.