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Tap into a first-of-its-kind new car shopping experience to drive even more shoppers to your inventory listings on Canada’s largest and most trusted automotive marketplace –


Did You Know?

96% of new car shoppers are interested in researching and comparing vehicles online1

Why Advertise New Cars on

As the leading automotive marketplace in Canada, no one attracts more serious car shoppers than Backed by the tools and solutions car shoppers need to conduct more of their journey online, advertising on the marketplace is a sure-fire way to get more eye balls on your new inventory securing even more sales for your brand.


represents the number of times new car buyers visit online marketplaces during their buying journey2


of new car buyers say online automotive marketplaces influence their purchase decision2


of new car buyers spend over 1 hour on online automotive marketplaces during every visit2


of all searches on are for both used and new vehicles3

Source: (1) DIG Insights Car Shopper Perceptions & Intentions Research Study, February 2024, n=305 (2) DIG Insights Path to Purchase, August 2022. n=1369 (3) AutoTrader Data Warehouse April 2023

Provide New Car Consumers an Enhanced Car Shopping Experience
With the Online Tools They Need to Convert Shoppers into Buyers

Storefront on

Storefront offers a seamless new vehicle shopping experience, providing the critical information and the tools that span every stage of the car buying journey. Targeted to OEMs, Storefront provides the opportunity to tap into the nation’s largest collective of new car shoppers and show-off their latest makes and models along with their brand story and heritage.

SRP & VDP Brand Takeover

A widget will be located on AutoTrader homepage, search results page and vehicle details page to drive traffic to the Storefront throughout the consumers car shopping journey, driving more exposure and sales opportunities for your OEM’s
dealership network.

SRP storefront

Immersive Brand & Model Pages

Custom brand and model pages on will be a valuable resource for consumers researching your dealership’s unique offerings. These pages will provide an immersive experience of the models, highlight your brand’s story and heritage, branded content as well as videos, to spur brand consideration.

AutoTrader Pivot

Powered by London Dynamics

AutoTrader’s state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) technology, Pivot, brings immersive AR to the Storefront experience, offering a 360-degree vehicle view with interactive hotspots for static or video content. Once users create their desired model, we will recommend nearby matching inventory, connecting them directly to available options. This inventory matching technology drives views, clicks, and leads for your new car inventory, attracting local shoppers.


Expose Your New Car Inventory on
Canada’s Largest & Most Trusted Marketplace!


Mitsubishi Storefront

Mitsubishi Motors is the first automotive manufacturer to partner with AutoTrader to launch the much-anticipated inaugural Storefront in June of this year. The Mitsubishi Storefront offers the OEM an opportunity to showcase their new vehicle lineup, tell their brand story through tactical content and video, present owner stories and more, while bolstering sales opportunities for their representative dealers.