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TRADER Carology Toronto was jam-packed with relevant insights for automotive industry professionals. Auto dealers, OEMs and agencies were in attendance to hear firsthand experiences of what it takes to win in an increasingly competitive, dynamic and disruptive digital automotive landscape.

Held on September 25, 2018, at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, Ontario, the event provided unique perspectives on the disruptions within the automotive industry and strategies for thriving during this transitional period. Industry leaders shared their knowledge and advice, supported by consumer data, to help the industry adapt, prepare for the future, and ultimately steer the automotive sector in a positive direction.

Check out the event highlights below!

Event Highlights & Keynote

TRADER Carology Toronto

Event Highlights

Keynote: Data Driven Dealers Gain a Competitive Edge

Brian Pasch | Founder, PCG Companies & BP Enterprises

Additional Sessions

Session: The Future of Automotive Retailing

Tim Scott | Partner, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Canada

Session: Disruption & Automotive – The Bucket Seat Labs

Trevor Byrne | Group Account Director, Red Urban Canada

Questions & Answers

From Left to Right: Brian Pasch, Trevor Byrne & Tim Scott

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