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Our latest marketplace report shows continued growth in traffic and engagement! Baris Akyurek, Director of Marketing Intelligence at TRADER, breaks down last week’s findings.
“More and more car shoppers are visiting the marketplace, as, last week, we saw a 16.5% year-over-year (YoY) increase in unique visitors, reaching a total of 2.3M.  Visits growth increased to 14.9% YoY, resulting in higher consumer engagement on the marketplace, with VDP views hitting 16.2M, a 22.3% YoY lift. There were a total of 109K leads submitted, which represents a 32.8% YoY increase, telling us there is high intent among car buyers.”
In summary, there are many serious and highly engaged car shoppers out there. Be sure to offer them valuable tools to deliver an online experience that brings increased engagement, efficiency, and transparency to their car buying journey. If you’re looking for innovative ways to do just that, check out our complimentary Remote Selling Suite!