AutoTrader Price Index: March 2024

After a strong start to 2023, the demand for used cars has gradually softened since Q3 of last year. This shift combined with the rise in used inventory resulting from robust growth in new car sales and the ramp up in trade-ins of used vehicles, in addition to demand pivoting from used to new cars,
December 2023 Price Index Report

AutoTrader Price Index: December 2023

After a strong start to the year, there has been a gradual decrease in the demand for used cars since the beginning of Q3. This trend, combined with the surge in used inventory due to the strong growth in new car sales throughout 2023, has resulted in six consecutive months of declining prices for used

Maximize Success & Drive Lasting Customer Relationships with Effective Lead Management

Successfully managing leads is the cornerstone of a sound dealership experience. A lead represents the first "real" touchpoint a car shopper has with your dealership, offering a glimpse into the quality of service. In today's fast-paced digital world, where consumers initiate contact online well before visiting a dealership, rapid response, maintaining engagement, and equipping your
AutoTrader Price Index September 2023

AutoTrader Price Index: September 2023

After a very strong few quarters, we are observing a slight decline in used car demand since the beginning of Q3 in July. This, coupled with increased inventory volumes, has manifested itself with three consecutive month-over-month declines in used car prices. On the other hand, although the new car supply is at its highest level

Overcoming Car Buyer Hesitancy in a Period of High Prices & Increased Interest Rates

Canadian car shopper confidence has been increasing steadily, with purchase intentions continuing to rise since last year. But the car shopping journey and purchase process can still present certain challenges for buyers, and dealership operators who have an acute understanding of the drivers behind consumer hesitancy, will be well-equipped to help shoppers navigate purchase and