Keep It Simple. Measure What Matters.
Now More Than Ever.

Judge your partners on what matters — the dollar figure ROI. is the only automotive marketplace in Canada willing to be judged on how many cars you sell — not just leads, clicks or impressions. With Match, our complimentary ROI report, we’ll show you how many of your car sales were driven by your marketing efforts. Because now more than ever, you deserve to know your true ROI.

What is Match?

Match is a complimentary process that matches your sales data with’s marketplace data to attribute how many sales were influenced by With Match you get a better understanding of your ROI on your marketplace investment and what factors drive your Match rate. Match

How does it work?

  1. Submit 16 weeks of your sales data
  2. We match your sales with data from
  3. We present you with your Match results through an analysis of how many consumers who purchased a vehicle during the time period had seen your inventory on

How can Match help you?

Match helps you understand how consumer shopping on translates into your sales. Based on our findings you can see the impact of your marketing efforts on You’ll gain the insights to make more informed decisions about your marketing strategy by understanding where your sales are coming from, in order to target the right shoppers. Match


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