Call Tracking

Phone leads will never slip through the cracks again.

Call tracking is a powerful and easy tool to help ensure that telephone leads are well trafficked, well monitored, well reported, and well converted by recording every telephone call from your toll free number directly into your ControlCenter – even if the line is busy. Assign different numbers to track lead sources, track the effectiveness of your campaigns, manage and add more numbers in real time, listen to digital recordings to see how conversion is happening. We simply can’t say enough about this tool – this call will be monitored for quality, training, and selling purposes.

Call Tracking
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Video Smart Sites (VSS)

Sell more with video.

Video works. It’s a proven tool to generate increased page views, longer dwell times on your listings, and most importantly higher conversion. Video Smart Sites (VSS) make it easy to create slide shows, video blogs, promotional videos, video galleries, and custom videos with real voice narration and music. Take video for a test drive, you’ll be happy you did.


Bring your listing to life through the power of video.

Video works – the numbers speak for themselves but it also takes more investment to produce. CarFlix is an economical solution for taking client-supplied images to create impactful videos for your website including appropriate music for the class of vehicle you are promoting, intro and outro messages from your dealership, a variety of special effects, and smart scripts emphasising vehicle features that are important to that category of buyer. Try one out! They’re easy to build and a much more engaging way to connect with buyers.

TAdvantage Website Upgrades
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More engaged buyers mean faster sales.

Car buyers LOVE to comparison shop, with their preferred method being online. With MyCars™ your inventory is 2X more likely to sell in less than 10 days, and that’s because MyCars users are 80% more likely to come back to your site on their path to purchase. That’s high engagement. How does it work? Consumers browsing your site simply add their favourite vehicles to MyCars giving them an easy way to compare favourites, and pick up where they left off when they return to your site. They can even sign up for price alerts and notifications. Comparison shopping is a fundamental part of the online buying experience.

Inventory Lifecycles

A more advanced approach to merchandising cars online.

Every dealer strives to lower the age of their on-the-lot inventory – but how can you move the needle online? Lifecycles is an intuitive and flexible upgrade that helps you minimize time on lot and maximize profitability. Simply set-up rules for how you want to automatically merchandise your inventory online, (starting by bucketing inventory into logical groups), bulk-edit multiple vehicle listings and upload multiple images at the same time, and automate different inventory marketing strategies on your site. Whether you’re looking to simply improve productivity for managing your listings, or take a granular look at your online merchandising tactics, Inventory Lifecycles helps you bring your a-game online.

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Incentives Manager

Incentives Manager

Save time and convert more.

Incentives are a powerful conversion tool. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to manage OEM and dealership-level incentives; automatically updating your Website listings. Empower your website shoppers with the most accurate and up to date discount information on all your inventory.

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