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Just Used Cars? Think Again.

Canada’s Best New Car Marketplace is

Elevating the New Car Experience

With over 16.1 million visits a month and more than 3.5 million mobile app downloads, the marketplace continues to grow at a remarkable rate.1 And with over 126,000 new cars listed and 3,400,000 new car ad views every month, is Canada’s best new car marketplace.2

New car is here – and consumers know it. They’re active on because we offer the tools, selection, volume and choice they’re looking for in their ideal new car shopping experience.

“Over the last 18 months we’ve noticed a massive spike in just attention to our new car inventory, from people outside of our general zone of doing business… I think that it’s a strong system, and I think what we get out of it is exposure, that we didn’t have before before.”

Richard Davies | Vice President & General Manager

Midland Honda


1/2 of new car shoppers on say we are their primary source for new vehicles.3



75% of all new car listings in Canada are on and 90% are exclusive.4



126,000 pieces of merchandised inventory.2



88% growth in New Car Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) views year-over-year.5

New Car Digital Ad Impressions

New Car Digital Ad Impressions is the new program for dealers that want to engage more shoppers and move their new car inventory faster. It’s a dealer-centric, monthly program that lets you promote your new car ads on, and gives you access to the all-new banner ad feature and click-through to your dealership website.

New Car Digital Ad Impressions

Our newest national TV commercial promoting as the best new car marketplace is driving even more traffic to the site! This means more engaged shoppers for our dealers!

Quicker and Simpler Ways for Car Shoppers to
Find New Vehicles on

Midlist Banner

A selection of new vehicle listings related to the consumer’s search will be displayed in a midlist banner at the end of the priority listings on the Search Results Page. What’s more, there’s also a button, or secondary filter, that will allow consumers to filter their results to only new vehicles.

Midlist Banner
Vehicle Research Page

Vehicle Research Page

When consumers are viewing findings on a particular make and model on the Vehicle Research page, a new widget will display similar new vehicles with a link to view more new car inventory.

Red Flags on Mobile App

To capture the mobile car shopper, a “Great Deal!” inventory flag will highlight great deals on new car listings. When dealers list two prices (MSRP and their discounted price), the “Great Deal!” flag will appear if the discount is deep enough.

Red Flags on Mobile App
Get in touch to find out how New Car Digital Ad Impressions can take your dealership to the next level!

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