Inventory IQ: Merchandise Reporting Made Easy

Stay on top of your merchandising with this complimentary reporting tool!

Available through Control Center, this intuitive report pulls all your dealership inventory and indicates which listings need to be updated for optimal consumer engagement.

The better merchandised your vehicles are the more appealing and informative they are for consumers. Upon login your inventory will be categorized by, To Review, Optimized, Sold and Hidden. Each vehicle is ranked depending on the improvement recommendations. Try Inventory iQ today and quickly sort through your new and used car inventory to ensure they are effectively merchandised. See below for information on how to set-up notifications!

In-Demand & Inventory iQ


Inventory iQ: How To Configure Notifications

Follow the steps below to setup notifications for your Inventory iQ report. You can customize the method and frequency in which you decide to receive notifications and add recipients that you want to receive your merchandising recommendations. Now you can be sent reminders when elements of your inventory – such as pricing, photos and descriptions – need your attention.

  1. Open Inventory iQ in Control Center
  2. Click on “My Settings”
  3. Select frequency (daily or weekly)
  4. Select method to receive notifications (email or SMS)
  5. Enter phone number or email address of recipients
  6. Select preferred language (English or French)
  7. Click on “Save”
Inventory iQ Notifications