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Our next generation website technology is coming, thanks to the recent acquisition of Vancouver-based digital marketing company, Convertus. The new website solutions offering – part of TRADER’s larger vision of bringing Canadian-centric digital solutions to automotive dealers nationwide – will launch across Canada in February 2019.

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TAdvantage GOLD

Sell more cars. Faster.

TAdvantage GOLD combines premium website technologies with successful digital strategy to drive optimal consumer engagement. Backed with comprehensive support, incremental consumer insights and strategic partnerships, TAdvantage GOLD is a powerful and intuitive digital solution delivering higher conversion and faster sales at a competitive price.


Over 90,000 Configuration Combinations!

An out-of-the-box design, with a customized feel. The industry’s most flexible and configurable templates to create a website experience unique to your dealership. Developed to engage consumers and keep them on your site longer, the all-new design platform provides dynamic enhancements from front to back, rendering thousands of design possibilities. Configuring your site is easier than ever before!


Manage your inventory marketing campaigns and promotions in one central location.


Customize the desktop and mobile shopping experience with advanced digital features.


Access on-demand reporting and insights into how shoppers are engaging with your website.


Optimize, don’t compromise.

Automatically transform your website into a fully adaptive three-in-one site across desktop, mobile and tablet. Simply optimize the sites in one central composer view to provide a tailored and uncompromised shopping experience across all devices.

TAdvantage Gold | Seamless Websites
TAdvantage Gold | MyCars


Gain insight, then gain new customers.

The first online “shopping cart” experience in automotive retailing. MyCars fosters continuous shopper engagement by providing a shortlist of recently viewed vehicles and the opportunity to save vehicles, and sign up for price alerts.

Inventory Lifecycles

Spotlight every vehicle on your lot.

Efficiently organize your vehicles and automate different inventory marketing strategies to help merchandise and reduce the age of inventory on the lot.

Automated Inventory Merchandising

  • Set up new inventory as it arrives
  • Create weekend flash sales
  • Remerchandise inventory as it ages
TAdvantage Gold | Inventory Lifecycles


Ensure data is transmitted privately through secure, encrypted connections between the web server and browser.

Incentives Manager

Incentives are a powerful conversion tool.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to manage OEM and dealership-level incentives; automatically updating your Website listings. Empower your website shoppers with the most accurate and up to date discount information on all your inventory.

TAdvantage Gold | Incentives Manager
TAdvantage Gold | Visualization Insights

Visualization Insights

Find out what content is hot.

Accessible through Composer, two integrated click-tracking tools provide a heat map that displays webpages’ frequently viewed “hot spots,” while a widget map tracks clicks on various website features.


Complete visibility and control.

Through a simple web-based login, ControlCenter makes it possible to effortlessly adjust your vehicle merchandising, view ad performance, update your advertising portfolio accordingly, or build and optimize webpages across platforms. Keep a constant pulse on the performance of your website and your digital marketing strategy through readily available analytics and insights.

TAdvantage Gold | ControlCenter
TAdvantage Gold | Video Smart Sites

Video Smart SitesTM

Bring your inventory to life.

Create professional quality, search-optimized videos with ease for every vehicle in your inventory! Upload custom videos with human voice narration, create a video blog and engage your car shoppers with motion on all devices.

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