Effectively merchandise your vehicles, expand your reach, and get the most eyes on your listings

The Reach Booster gives you increased visibility on the marketplace and even more opportunities to reach more shoppers in the “exploring” stage of their car shopping journey. The product suite is designed to help you better merchandise your inventory and close more deals.


Leverage the power of your brand to convert more leads

Branded Inventory

Branded Inventory takes your advertising beyond just product and pricing, and creates an undeniable sense of consumer trust and dealer credibility. Impactful, optimized banners puts your brand front and center on all your VDPs – making it easy for shoppers to associate your dealership with every vehicle listing they view.


Reach and drive more car shoppers to your comparable listings

Search Alternatives

Search alternatives targets “undecided” car shoppers who are exploring all their options. It provides greater – and relevant – alternatives to the vehicle they’re viewing, and drives them to your comparable listings. Your similar makes and models will be highlighted on the SRP, broadening your visibility, frequency and reach.


Establish greater authority and increase your vehicle detail page views

Vehicle Specialist

Vehicle Specialist simplifies the car shopping experience for consumers and helps establish your dealership as an authority within their preferred vehicle category. It groups together similar makes and models from your dealership and presents consumers with a link to a dedicated page to view these listings on AutoTrader.ca – delivering results and more VDP views.


Quick and easy ways for consumers to connect with you directly

CTA Widgets

Call-to-Action Widgets gets you closer to the sales by giving consumers three new and focused methods of contacting you directly:

  1. Trade-In Appraisal – Get insight on trade-in opportunities directly from an email lead.
  2. Test Drive Scheduler – Get test drive request notifications delivered directly to your inbox.
  3. Make An Offer – Get real-time offers for your inventory directly from the VDP.


An automatic and effective platform to publish to all media channels


Unlimited Syndication allows you to capture your inventory once and automatically push the listing to a network of partners and third-party media channels. This platform also gives you access to call tracking options per syndication destination, multiplies your exposure, and saves you money you would have otherwise spent on third-party inventory aggregators.


Draw more attention to your listings with a lower price point


Strikethrough Pricing highlights your discounted price and draws in more motivated buyers – those who are actively looking for both value and pricing considerations. It automatically applies a prominent strikethrough visual on your listing on AutoTrader.ca, when the price of the vehicle has been discounted by 2% or more, and will be displayed for 14 days.

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