Maximize the impact of the Conversion Booster

The “How-To” Resources below are designed to help you get the most value from each of the powerful solutions included in the Conversion Booster bundle, and drive more influence and traffic to your lot.


OTL Events


Learn how to upload your On-the-Lot events and special offers and display them on




Learn how to showcase the unique snippets about your dealership on your dedicated page on


Capture 360


Learn how to capture virtual 360° spin views of your vehicles and display them on




A: The artwork to promote your OTL Event will appear in the fourth position in the image gallery on your listings, and at the bottom of the vehicle details page (VDP). It will not appear on the search results page (SRP).

A: Your OTL Events can be uploaded and deleted through Control Center. From the main menu, go to Inventory > TRADER Marketplace > autoTRADER Marketplace > OTL Events. Take a look at the instructions and quick tips.

A: To help you get started with this product, we’ll create and upload your first OTL Event for you at no charge! Please speak with your Account Manager for full details. We also offer creative services that can be purchased at a rate of $150 /hour.

A: Your artwork should be a PNG or JPG file with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a resolution of at least 640×480 pixels.

A: No. A PNG or JPG file is required for your OTL Event to be uploaded and appear on

A: Currently, the product will only allow one image to be loaded at one time, which will appear on both and You can consider including bilingual copy in your ad.

A: The process is very quick. It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

A: Currently, the ad will not be clickable. This is something we may introduce with a future iteration, depending on customer feedback.

A: The fourth position in the image gallery is reserved from your OTL Events. If you don’t have an event to promote, the next photo in your gallery will move up to this spot.

A: This spot is reserved for OTL Events to help you promote your events and special offers, and drive more traffic to your lot. It should not be used to promote anything else.

A: No. Test Drive Rewards is meant to help you elevate and merchandise one particular vehicle. OTL Events is intended to help drive overall incremental traffic to your lot.

A: No. There is currently no maximum end date to an event in the system.

A: Currently, only one event (and therefore, one unique piece of creative) can run at one time. Your event can be displayed on new inventory and/or used vehicles or your CPO inventory.

A: You’ll have a historical reference of data.

A: No. Brand overlays will not be applied to OTL Event creative.


A: If a consumer clicks on this ad from the Private listing they were previously on, it will open up the Dealer’s Vehicle Details Page (still within

A: Frequency is dependent on the number of dealers who purchase the Conversion Booster (including Dealer Alternatives), the details of the private listings the consumer is viewing, and the number of similar vehicles that match the criteria. Dealer listings that meet the criteria are displayed at random.

A: Private listings that are < 5 Years old will be matched to dealer vehicles that are the exact Make/Model, within 2 years, within -40% and +20% of price and within at least 100km of the search location.

Private listings that are > 5 Years old will have a wider range of rules. If there are no matches or not enough listings, no Dealer Alternatives will be shown.

A: Yes. Dealer Alternatives will appear on ALL private seller listings on

A: No. The goal is to keep these listings as genuine as possible to appeal to the consumer who chose to view a private seller listings, and drive highly targeted clicks and traffic to you.

A: No. The only elements of the dealer listings that will appear is the primary image, as well as the name/title/price/km of the vehicle.

A: No. Search Alternatives provides the consumer with a wide range of make/model and other vehicle options to consider. Dealer Alternatives presents dealer listing options that are an almost exact match to the private seller listing that the consumer is viewing.

A: No. Dealer Alternatives applies to New and Used inventory. If the private seller’s vehicle is less than 2 years old, a dealer’s new inventory might appear.

A: Only the primary photo of the vehicle will be shown in the Dealer Alternatives section of the private seller ad. Videos and 360° images will only be displayed on VDP when a consumer clicks through to the dealer’s listing.


A: Your dealership logo will appear on your Dealer+ page. It will be the same logo that appears on all your listings on Your OTL Events will also appear. Additional creative cannot be added.

A: No. All elements on the page will be displayed, with two exceptions. If you do not add unique snippets about your dealership, this section will be blank. If you are not a Mobials Reviews customer, this section will not appear on your Dealer+ page.

A: Only the 6 unique snippets about your dealership and your years in business needs to be added. You can do this in Control Center. From the main menu, go to Inventory > TRADER Marketplace > autoTRADER Marketplace > Dealer Trust. Take a look at the instructions and quick tips.

A: On your VDP, immediately below the lead form, consumers can click the “View All Inventory” button to access your Dealer+ page. A future product iteration will itegrate Dealer+ with the Dealer Locator on

A. Currently, Branded Inventory will not appear.

A: No. Both New and Used inventory will be displayed on your Dealer+ page.

A: When a consumer submits a lead form from your Dealer+ page, it will come into 1-SOURCE.

A: Currently, Test Drive Rewards will not appear.

A: No. The inventory will be shown in the same order that it is shown on all search results on (ie: priced high to low). The consumer can then apply filters and change the sort order.

A: Currently, Dealer+ cannot host videos.

A: We are looking into creating vanity URLs for each dealer. You will be notified when this option become available in future product iterations.

A: No. The Dealer+ page is accessible through the dealer VDP via the “View All Inventory” button, and through the “Car Dealer Locator” on

A: Currently, this is not available. Only Mobials reviews will be shown.


A: Capturing a perfect 360° image will take some practice. Once you are comfortable, the scanning process should take approx. 45 seconds. Check out our instruction manual and training videos for scanning tips!

A: The sync process (from the TRADER Dealer App to Control Center) should take approximately 2 minutes. Syncing should be completed in batches of 5 to 10 vehicles at a time. Once processed, your 360° images will appear on This can take up to 30 minutes. See instruction manual for more info.

A: Your 360° images will appear in the second position in the image gallery on your listings (right after your primary vehicle photo), and will also appear in the SRP with a 360° icon or indicator.

A: We have a number of resources available to help you capture and sync your images. Check out our Capture360° step-by-step video and instruction manual.

A: Capturing 360° images can be included as part of any existing paid Capture services. Please speak with your Account Manager for full details.

A: Yes. You will have to give permission to use your credentials to download and access the TRADER Dealer App. The third-party may charge additional fees to shoot these images. You also have the option to purchase our Premium Capture package, which includes having a TRADER representative shoot your 360° images for you.

A: No. Capture360° is unique to the TRADER Dealer App, so the third-party may charge additional fees to shoot these images for you. The actual images are saved as different file-types in our system, so there’s no risk of a third-party image feed overwriting a 360° image or vise-versa.

A: The image will not compute. You have to fully circle the vehicle to capture a 360° spin view.

A: No. You must rotate your phone to landscape position to capture a 360° image.

A: Yes. Just like other apps, music can be playing while using the TRADER Dealer App and capturing a 360° image.

A: The colours are indicators of device stability. If your device is level, the brackets will be green. If they turn red, your device is not balanced enough or the capture is too shaky to compute properly.

A: You should walk briskly, at a steady speed. The process should take approximately 45 seconds. If you walk too slowly, the capture will end before you reach 360° degrees and get a full spin.

A: Yes. The post-processing algorithm needs the capture to always start at the front.

A: Your device might get hot because the capture and processing is computationally intensive. Newer devices tend to stay cooler as they have more processing power.

A: No. The built-in technology is designed to help stabilize the image but it will not remove the impact of outdoor conditions such as glares.

A: Counter-clockwise. Walk to the right and be certain to fully circle the vehicle.

A: Cellular data is not required to capture 360° images. It is only required to sync your images to Control Center. We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi at this stage, to save your data and ensure a fast and smooth upload process.

A: Currently, 360° images will only be displayed on your listings on

A: Currently, they will only be displayed on Web Solutions customers will be notified when additional options and functionality become available in future product iterations.

A: You can shoot and upload one 360° image per listing. Any new capture on a particular vehicle will overwrite the existing image.

A: Yes. You can preview, delete and see all your inventory with 360° images in 1-SOURCE. From the main menu, go to Inventory > Capture360°.

A: No. This cutting-edge technology depends on the 3D engine and stitching process that is built in to the TRADER Dealer App. Photos cannot be uploaded to create a spin view. The 360° image must be captured through the app.

A: No. This is an interactive image for consumers to spin, swipe around, zoom in and out, and get a virtual experience of your vehicle.

A: Yes. A future release of the app will enable you to add hot spots to highlight the vehicle’s features before publishing the photos. Users will be notified when this function is added.

A: Video Smart Sites (VSS) is a video with voice-over. Capture360° is an interactive spin view of the vehicle.

A: No. Brand overlays will not be applied to 360° images.

A: iOS – iPhone 5s or better, any iPad Pro, any iPad Air and iPad Mini 4.
Android (coming soon) – Minimum OS: Lollipop and Minimum RAM: 2GB.

A: No. Your vehicle listing must have a primary photo for the 360° image to be displayed on The technology required to view 360° images is built-in to the second position in the image gallery on your listings.

A: Your 360° images might appear blurry or might not compute properly if you shoot your vehicles indoors. It is best to capture your images outdoors.

A: Over exposure might be an issue if it is really sunny. In these conditions, the image on your screen might look washed-out. To fix this issue, turn your phone to a dark object and then return to your shooting position. The display will be corrected.

A: Currently, only vehicle exteriors can be captured. Interior 360° image may be introduced with a future iteration, and users will be notified when this function is added.

A: A special lens is not required however a wide angle lens can help reduce the amount of space required to shoot a vehicle.

A: Each 360° image is unique to one piece of inventory and therefore cannot be applied to multiple vehicles or VINs.

A: If you are using an iPhone 6s, this might be related to a hardware issue that Apple has identified with some devices unexpectedly shutting down. If your device is impacted, Apple will offer a free battery replacement to correct the issue. Program details can be viewed here.