All-in-One Digital Advertising Solution

TRFFK is unique in the world of automotive digital marketing. We have a proven and extensive track record of working with dealers to truly understand your challenges. We leverage this experience to determine actual personalized strategies tailor-fit to your dealership’s marketing needs — because, just like everything in life, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to digital marketing challenges.

TRFFK All-in-One Digital Advertising Solution for Dealerships
TRFFK All-in-One Digital Advertising Solution for Dealerships

Dynamic Advertising at Your Fingertips

With TRFFK’s dynamic advertising campaigns, you can target consumers at the right place, with the right message, at the right time. Our unique service offering promotes your inventory across a wide range of channels and publishers, to ensure that you are targeting in-market shoppers and driving them to the new and used vehicles listed on your dealership’s website.


The Most Advanced Digital Marketing Platform

Audience Targeting Icon

Audience Targeting
Consumer shopping behaviour sourced by your dealership website lets us power the most effective, relevant targeting strategy.

Search Engine Marketing / Paid Search Icon

Paid Search
Our advanced search marketing allows us to find people searching for cars and target them with highly relevant ads.

Social Advertising Icon

Social Advertising
We connect you to people who use social to research cars, show them your message, and make sure they turn to your dealership.

Display Remarketing / Retargeting Icon

Display Remarketing
No matter where people are consuming content – local, national, or global – our display ads show up with your local information.

Premium Display Advertising Icon

Premium Network Display
Not everyone has access to the expansive reach of the most relevant and sought after digital publications. We do.

Video Advertising Icon

Video Advertising
Video ads enable you to reach and engage with more in-market car shoppers, building stronger brand awareness.

Dynamic Creative Icon

Dynamic Creative
You don’t just want to serve ads. You want to serve the right ad to the right person. Our engine serves dynamic inventory display ads that update on the fly.

Technology Stack Icon

DMP & DSP Technology
Make more informed ad buying decisions while improving the accuracy and reliability of your digital advertising campaigns with our robust technology stack.

Analytics Dashboard Icon

Advanced Analytics
Results don’t always speak for themselves. Our visually-enhanced, data-rich dashboards showcase what is working as well as the areas for improvement.


To Cover All Areas of Your Dealership

Pre-Owned Inventory Icon

Pre-Owned Vehicles
Turbocharge your used car ad campaigns with VIN specific dynamic ads! Not only do they help create a faster sale, but we can pull off-brands out of the space as soon as they are sold.

New Car Inventory Icon

New Car
You want to increase turn on new cars, don’t you? We thought so. That’s why we use dynamic VIN specific inventory ads to get your new car listings in front of the right buyers.

Incentives & Specials Icon

Incentives & Specials
Looking to leverage OEM incentives? Our incentive specials are designed specifically to be paired with new cars. Your prospects will get the push they need at just the right time.

Parts & Service Icon

Parts & Service
You know exactly how imperative the fixed operations division of your dealership is to your success. This is why we offer campaigns to drive traffic to your parts and service offerings, both on a year-round and seasonal basis.

Branding Icon

With our branding solution we focus on your story and what makes you different. We also make sure no-one else can wedge themselves in when consumers are searching for you, by securing your branded terms online.

Conquesting Icon

Capture the attention of consumers who are shopping similar vehicles from a different brand with highly effective targeting strategies. Our conquest solutions ensure your vehicles show up at just the right time to turn heads.

Subprime Icon

You know there is a car for just about everyone – even consumers with poor credit. Our subprime solution focuses on pairing “bad credit buyers” with the types of vehicles they can afford. Let’s see no car or consumer left behind!

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Choose the Solution That’s Right For You!


TRFFK All-in-One Digital Advertising Solution for Dealerships

Our team of automotive marketing professionals will power your campaigns and be available every step of the way.


TRFFK All-in-One Digital Advertising Solution for Dealerships

You are savvy and want to take the reigns of managing your campaigns in-house, with the support of the TRFFK platform.


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