Women & Automotive Leadership: Samantha Huen

We are pleased to announce that Samantha Huen has been chosen as the recipient of a prestigious award presented by Auto Remarketing Canada. The Women & Automotive Leadership Award is given to women in the Canadian automotive industry who exemplify the best in leadership. Sam will receive the award at the Women & Automotive Leadership Forum in Toronto on March 29th and will be speaking at the event as well.

Sam was featured in the latest edition of Auto Remarketing Canada magazine (page 9). Read on or click here to view.

women-in-automotive-profile-samantha-huenAuto Remarketing Canada: What excites you most about your position with TRADER and the automotive industry as a whole?

Samantha Huen: E-commerce continues to expand across so many industries and shape the way consumers shop. We used to go into a store to buy a cell phone, now the moment an iPhone comes out everyone wants to be on a wait list. Or, consider the mattress industry. 10 years ago you may have thought, ‘I’d never buy a mattress online without trying it first’ and now you see a widely accepted practice of buying mattresses online with a “100 sleep” free trial. The automotive industry is definitely moving in that direction, with more and more consumer interactions (and transactions) taking place online. I’m excited about the current trends and the future of the automotive industry, and what this means for my role at TRADER. Every day, I get to consult and collaborate with dealers, to help them understand digital marketing and industry trends, help them reach more consumers and help them sell more cars than the competition.


ARC: What do you think needs to change, if anything, to make the automotive industry more diverse?

SH: We need to recognize that everyone can bring a unique perspective to their role, regardless of career background, gender, ethnicity, etc. At TRADER, we have an incredibly diverse team. In fact, over fifty percent of my team members are women, and all members are from different countries. I believe that if you have the right attitude, and the necessary skills, then it doesn’t matter your background or where you come from. We hire for diversity!


ARC: What do you think needs to happen to attract more women, people of color, and young people to the automotive industry?

SH: I think automotive might appear to be a male driven industry but in actuality a lot of women work in it. I believe it starts with us, as individuals within the auto industry, women within auto, to educate others against any stereotypes. This is an opportunity to cast light on the success that comes along with a career in this field. If there is a desire to learn, then there is an opportunity to realize success.


ARC: Tell us about a great leader that you have come into contact with in your career, and what made them so.

SH: A great leader that comes to mind is Jill Hadfield, TRADER’s Vice President of Product Commercialization. She is an energetic team leader and a woman who has excelled in industries that have been known as predominantly male. She has built a successful career for herself while raising a family, which I find inspirational. I think that her career success and accomplishments are an inspiration for women in any industry.

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