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Canadian Car Buyers Show Increasing App-titude for Mobile Research (Infographic)

Toronto, ON – November 6, 2013 – Kicking the tires on a new vehicle is being done more and more on the go — via mobile site and mobile app — versus desktop searches, according to the latest numbers and infographics from, which suggest an overwhelming increase in mobile car searches over the last 12 months. Mobile Visits

Lacey Elliott, Co-host of Driving Television, Shares Used Car Buying Tips

Toronto, ON – April 30, 2013 – Lacey Elliott, co-host of Driving Television, spoke with Global TV’s The Morning Show about how Canadians can make more informed decisions when purchasing a used vehicle using research tools like those found on

Wheeling and Dealing for a New Car Not Canadians’ Strong Suit According to Study

: April 29, 2013
New poll from finds only a fifth consider themselves ‘very confident’

– Putting the pedal to the metal on a new car may first come with a strong case of cold feet, according to the findings of a new study from that asked Canadians nation-wide about their confidence when it comes to brokering a good deal.
When quizzed about how well they felt they could negotiate a vehicle’s best price, only 22 per cent of Canadian drivers said they were ‘very confident.’ Fifty-one per cent rated their confidence as moderate. Twenty-two per cent said they approached the process without much confidence, while four per cent said they were not confident at all about reaching the goal.
The study also found that more men than women (80 per cent vs. 66 per cent) felt positive about their prospects at scoring the best price.

“It’s certainly natural to be nervous about the process of buying or selling a vehicle,” says consumer automotive expert Lacey Elliott. “Bearing this in mind, offers visitors an industry-leading suite of tools that can help calm their nerves and no doubt lead to the most informed transaction.”

The site boasts more cars for sale than anywhere else, meaning Canadians can be confident they have left no stone unturned in their search for the best deal. A free price valuation tool provides consumers with an accurate idea of what any car is worth in today’s market, which is crucially important whether they are buying or selling.

Additionally,’s mobile apps feature every car on the website, enabling consumers to browse, compare and search for cars-even while standing on the car lot-for last minute peace of mind on price. The site boasts over 23,000 unbiased car reviews written by actual owners to help visitors get up to speed on what they need to know.
Other highlights from the study include:

Owners know: Nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of Canadian drivers find that car reviews written by average people who own or have owned the same model are more useful than car reviews written by automotive journalists.

Online research is a given: Most Canadian drivers (92 per cent) are likely to do vehicle research online before making a final decision on a new vehicle. And’s vehicle inventory-the largest in Canada-makes it a good first stop.

Various negotiating styles: 43 per cent of Canadians characterized their negotiating style as “Rugged SUVs”-whereby they plow through until they get their way. Eleven per cent said they were “Luxury Sedans,” i.e. they don’t mind overpaying. Fifteen per cent, meanwhile, admitted their style could be characterized as being “a Lemon,” i.e. they tend to get pushed around if not prepared.

Trusted mechanics: Approximately eight out of 10 Canadian drivers said they were confident that their mechanic is being completely honest about their vehicle diagnoses and possible needs.

“Canadian drivers clearly know the sorts of things that will help set them down the right path towards a confident sale or purchase,” adds Elliott. “The right information is at the top of the list-knowledge is power. And does more than any other site to provide the knowledge car buyers and sellers need.”
The Angus Reid study of 1,514 Canadian drivers was conducted online, with a margin of error of +/- 2.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding.

About TRADER Corporation

TRADER Corporation is a trusted Canadian leader in print and online media, managing automotive consumer marketplaces and publications. The company’s primary online destinations include:™,™ and offers the largest inventory of new cars and used cars in Canada, available via our website and mobile applications. Visitors buy or sell cars, trucks or other motorized vehicles quickly, easily and conveniently. Buyers can search based on vehicle model, make, colour and geographic location to find the deal that is right for them. is the online destination for auto enthusiasts, featuring car news and car reviews from well-known automotive journalists. Follow on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and on YouTube.’s Ian MacDonald Talks Owner Reviews on CP24

April 14, 2013Our Director of Consumer Marketing, Ian MacDonald, appeared on CP24’s AutoShop to discuss the highest rated cars according to Owner Reviews on

Buying or Selling a Car? There’s a Better Way

Toronto, ON – March 4, 2013 – Car buyers and sellers can avoid going to extreme lengths to get deals done with a simple visit to, according to a new national marketing campaign that launches today.

Continuing the pace it set with its 2012 CASSIES Grand Prix winning “The Most Cars in One Place” campaign, the new effort bolsters the brand’s leadership position in Canadian online vehicle inventory, says Ian MacDonald, director of marketing. While the 2012 campaign was focused on increasing awareness and driving traffic to, the 2013 campaign highlights the site’s multitude of buying and selling tools.

“We are now evolving our advertising to promote the fact that in addition to having the largest inventory of new and used vehicles, also offers free listings, price valuations, over 20,000 unbiased car reviews written by owners, and best-in-class mobile apps to help consumers confidently make an informed purchase or successful sale,” says MacDonald.

The integrated campaign developed by DDB Canada Toronto kicks off with two TV spots, “Bank Job” and “Parking Garage,” and digital advertising, which includes an interactive car chase game. Depicting extreme situations of people trying to buy and sell vehicles, the creative advertising communicates the advantages that provides. The new creative and positioning launches today, with a scheduled rollout of radio, outdoor and social media marketing to begin later this spring. The campaign is rounded out by public relations efforts planned throughout the course of 2013.

“Most people aren’t car experts,” says Mike Davidson, Senior Vice President, DDB Canada. “So buying or selling a vehicle can be an intimidating and stressful process. offers a suite of tools to facilitate the endeavour and help consumers shop for vehicles with more confidence. This new positioning provides a great creative opportunity to demonstrate the various tools and innovations with which arms consumers.”

The new campaign is scheduled to be in market for the remainder of 2013 with Ocean Media Inc., responsible for media buying and planning.

TRADER et vAuto offrent aux concessionnaires canadiens un outil révolutionnaire pour la gestion des véhicules d’occasion

Grâce à l’outil d’approvisionnement, les concessionnaires peuvent déterminer quels véhicules leur convient le mieux et les trouver plus facilement.

Toronto, ON, le 21 février 2013 – TRADER, chef de file du secteur automobile canadien en matière de solutions de marketing en ligne et de gestion des stocks de véhicules d’occasion, et vAuto, chef de file américain dans le domaine des outils de gestion des stocks de véhicules d’occasion, ont annoncé que les concessionnaires canadiens auraient désormais accès à un nouvel outil d’approvisionnement qui leur permettra de dénicher plus aisément le « bon » véhicule d’occasion et d’augmenter ainsi leur volume de ventes et leur marge de profit.

« L’ajout de l’outil d’approvisionnement à la gamme de produits velociT et Topti change la donne pour les concessionnaires canadiens », explique Normand Théberge, vice-président des stratégies et solutions commerciales chez TRADER. « Cet outil identifie et classe les véhicules les plus recherchés par les consommateurs en fonction d’une analyse en temps réel des données de magasinage en ligne sur et trouve les principales ventes aux enchères où ils sont offerts. Les concessionnaires peuvent ainsi trouver le véhicule qui leur convient beaucoup plus facilement et efficacement. »

« L’outil d’approvisionnement offre les réponses aux trois principales questions que se pose un concessionnaire au moment de se procurer un véhicule d’occasion : Quels véhicules se vendront le mieux? Quel prix devrais-je payer? Où puis-je les acheter? », affirme Dale Pollak, fondateur de vAuto. « L’outil d’approvisionnement effectue une analyse en temps réel des données du marché et offre aux concessionnaires des renseignements utiles pour les guider dans leur prise de décision, ce à quoi ils n’avaient pas accès auparavant. »

Voici comment l’outil répond à ces trois questions :

Quels véhicules se vendront le mieux? L’outil d’approvisionnement combine la stratégie de vente d’un concessionnaire à des critères relatifs à la valeur des stocks, à l’âge des véhicules, au taux de roulement et aux profits bruts. À l’aide de ces paramètres, il attribue à tous les véhicules d’occasion offerts sur le marché une lettre de A à F en fonction d’une évaluation en sept points présentée sur une fiche de rendement. En puisant dans les données du marché en temps réel, l’outil calcule le potentiel de chaque véhicule selon des critères comme la demande, l’intérêt et la rentabilité, ainsi que d’autres caractéristiques pouvant aider les concessionnaires à cerner les avantages et les risques inhérents à chaque véhicule. « L’outil d’approvisionnement permet aux concessionnaires de faire des choix plus éclairés et d’être plus confiants au moment de déterminer si un certain véhicule vaut la peine d’être acheté », indique M. Pollak.

Combien devrais-je payer pour les meilleurs véhicules? L’outil d’approvisionnement recommande un prix d’achat pour chaque véhicule en se basant sur les objectifs de marge brute du concessionnaire et les coûts prévus pour l’acquisition, le transport et la remise en état du véhicule. Cette recommandation tient également compte du prix de vente qui risque d’attirer le plus d’acheteurs en fonction des données en temps réel du site « Les recommandations de prix d’achat de l’outil d’approvisionnement aident les concessionnaires à définir et à protéger leurs marges de profit dès le départ lors de chaque achat de véhicule », précise M. Pollak.

Où puis-je me procurer les véhicules? L’outil d’approvisionnement accède aux données des principales entreprises canadiennes de vente en gros aux enchères, notamment ADESA, Manheim, OVE et OpenLane. Grâce à cette intégration, les concessionnaires sont en mesure de déterminer rapidement l’endroit où ils peuvent se procurer les véhicules qui correspondent à leurs critères d’achat. L’outil leur donne également la possibilité de faire des offres directement sur les sites de vente aux enchères, ce qui facilite leur approvisionnement en véhicules. « L’outil d’approvisionnement fait le pont entre les détaillants et les grossistes, ce qui permet aux concessionnaires d’économiser temps et efforts », ajoute M. Pollak.

« L’accès à cet outil constitue un grand pas en avant non seulement pour nos clients, mais aussi pour nous par rapport à notre partenariat avec vAuto, indique M. Théberge. Nous poursuivons ainsi notre objectif, qui consiste à fournir aux concessionnaires des solutions optimales pour les aider à s’adapter au marché en constante évolution. »

À propos de TRADER
Chef de file canadien dans le secteur automobile, TRADER est une société qui offre aux concessionnaires des outils de marketing en ligne et de gestion des stocks de véhicules d’occasion. L’entreprise possède des places de marché en ligne, notamment autoHEBDO.netMC, autoTRADER.caMC et, et offre aux concessionnaires des solutions haut de gamme comme dealerSMARTsolutions et velociT. offre le plus grand choix de véhicules neufs et d’occasion au Canada, accessible au moyen de notre site Web ou d’applications mobiles. Les visiteurs peuvent acheter ou vendre des voitures, camions et autres véhicules motorisés avec rapidité, facilité et convivialité. Les acheteurs ont la possibilité d’effectuer des recherches selon le modèle, la marque, la couleur et l’emplacement géographique afin de trouver le véhicule qui leur convient le mieux. est la destination en ligne idéale pour les amateurs de voitures qui souhaitent consulter les actualités automobiles et les évaluations des meilleurs journalistes œuvrant dans le secteur. La solution velociT, qui est le fruit d’un partenariat exclusif avec l’entreprise américaine vAuto, est un outil sophistiqué de gestion des stocks conçu pour aider les concessionnaires canadiens à rentabiliser au maximum leurs stocks de véhicules d’occasion. Les outils dealerSMARTsolutions offrent quant à eux un ensemble de technologies permettant aux concessionnaires automobiles de devenir de solides concurrents sur le marché en ligne. La gamme de produits dealerSMARTsolutions aide les concessionnaires à établir et à renforcer leur présence en ligne, à augmenter le nombre de pistes de vente et le taux de conversion et à améliorer leurs résultats financiers.

TRADER, vAuto Offer Used Vehicle Breakthrough For Canadian Dealers

Provisioning Tool Identifies and Finds The “Right” Used Vehicles For Dealer Inventories

Toronto, ON – February 21, 2013 – TRADER, Canada’s trusted automotive leader dedicated to helping dealers with online marketing and used car inventory management, and vAuto, the U.S. industry leader in used vehicle inventory management tools, announce the availability of the Provisioning tool to help Canadian dealers more efficiently find the “right” used vehicles to increase their sales volumes and profitability.

“The addition of the Provisioning tool to the velociT Toptimizer suite of products is a game-changer for Canadian dealers,” says Normand Théberge, Vice-President, Strategy and Dealer Solutions at TRADER. “The Provisioning tool identifies and grades the most in-demand vehicles, based on real-time, online shopping data from, and locates these vehicles at leading auctions to make sourcing the ‘right’ cars more easy and efficient for dealers.”

“The Provisioning tool addresses the three most-critical questions every dealer confronts in used vehicles—What are the best cars to retail? What should I pay to acquire them? and Where can I find them at auctions?” says Dale Pollak, vAuto founder. “The Provisioning tool provides these insights based on real-time market data and intelligence that has previously been unavailable to guide dealer decision-making.”

Here is how the Provisioning tool answers each of these three questions:

What are the best cars to retail? The Provisioning tool combines a dealers own retailing strategy and targets for inventory value, age, turn rates and gross profits as its foundation. The tool uses these parameters to assign an A-F letter grade to every used vehicle available in the market, through a seven-point diagnostic Report Card. Using real-time market data, the Report Card measures each vehicle’s “Demand,” “Interest,” “Profitability” potential and other characteristics to help dealers identify the opportunities and risks inherent in every car and equipment/trim configuration. “The Provisioning tool gives dealers greater clarity and confidence in their decisions to purchase or pass on specific vehicles,” Pollak says.

What should I pay to acquire the best cars? The Provisioning tool uses a dealer’s own gross profit goals and expected acquisition/transportation/reconditioning costs to recommend an acquisition price on every car. The recommendation also accounts for the retail asking price that will generate the most online buyer response, based on real-time data from “The Provisioning tool’s acquisition price recommendations help dealers pinpoint and protect their profit margins from the get-go on every car,” Pollak says.

Where can I find the vehicles? The Provisioning tool integrates with leading wholesale auctions in Canada, including ADESA, Manheim, OVE and OpenLane. The integration allows dealers to quickly identify where to acquire the cars that meet their purchase parameters. The Provisioning tool also allows dealers to place bids directly with online auctions for more efficient vehicle sourcing. “The Provisioning tool creates a time- and effort-saving bridge between retailers and the wholesale marketplace,” Pollak says. Rolls Out Enhanced iOS App

Toronto, ON – August 15, 2012 – today announced a major update to its free mobile app for iPhone and iPad (iOS) devices. The app is designed to provide Canadians the functionality to find the right vehicle for them on the go as easily as possible and in fact, to date, over half a million Canadians have downloaded the existing iOS app. Now enhanced, the app has been consistently awarded a 4.5 stars out of 5 rating, with users praising the speed, ease of use, locational intelligence and reliability of the app. Available via the Apple Appstore, over 50 per cent of users browse the cars for sale in the app every day. And with over eight thousand customer reviews, these enhancements have been created based on customers’ needs and feedback. is blazing a trail in the mobile industry, already welcoming as much as 20 per cent of its traffic via mobile or tablet devices, and the brand predicts this will only grow as Canadians become more and more reliant on their mobile devices.
“The goal of’s mobile app is to provide Canadians with a new and ultra-convenient way to browse The Most Cars In One Place,” said Ian MacDonald, Director, Marketing. “Existing reviews show that we understand what the modern car buyer wants from an app, but now we are taking the experience a step further, based on feedback we have received via social channels such as twitter, and reviews in the Appstore itself.”

Consumers continue to have access to the largest automotive inventories in Canada, right from the palm of their hand. In addition to the user-friendly interface, that includes fast and easy browsing, proximity-based search, quick save and simple contact features, the app has been enhanced to include the following:

  1. Ad upload – making it easier than ever for people to list their car for free on autoTRADER, using the iOS camera, users can scan the VIN of their vehicle to pre-populate their ad details and then select photos from their device photo library. Without the hassle of transferring pictures from a camera to a computer, or searching around for the exact specs of a car, selling has never been easier.
  2. New vehicle categories, including Motorcycles, RVs, trucks, and more, making the app the complete one-stop shop for vehicle browsing.
  3. Enhanced filtering system including filter for ads with pictures only and ads with a price listed only, as well as filters for colour, mileage and more. So users can get to the search results they want, fast.
  4. An all-new map to show the sellers location (only for dealer locations, not for private sellers) making it easy to plan that route to go and see the car in person.
  5. All-new ‘Report Abuse’ link on all ads, so that the community of users can help keep things safe and efficient for everyone by reporting misleading ads, scam ads, miscategorised ads and duplicates.
  6. Sharing and feedback – it’s been made easier than ever for users to provide their feedback, by having links which launch an email pre-populated to be routed to our development team. Users can also now share a link to the app with their friends via an easy email button.

autoTRADER Tune-Up Offers Canadians a Faster, Cutting-Edge Online Experience

The #1 in Online Vehicle Inventory in Canada Now Features a Superior Website, Innovative Mobile App and Free Listings for Private Sellers

Extending its leadership as the must-have car shopper magazine to become Canada’s largest online automotive marketplace, autoTRADER is now shifting into high gear, offering Canadians a brand new experience.

Dedicated to being the top resource for buying and selling cars, the new site is delivering on its promise of “The Most Cars In One Place”™ with a modern, clean, easy-to-navigate website that has been totally redesigned. The vehicle search tool is three times faster, and the advanced user-friendly interface introduces new tools and innovations that make finding the perfect vehicle easy for shoppers.

For private sellers and dealers, the ability to list and promote vehicles has never been easier. With enhanced features such as larger vehicle images, detailed specs and inventory showcase, it’s easier for sellers to elevate their vehicles into the spotlight than ever before. Best of all, private sellers can now list their ride for FREE.

The launch of the new site ramped up last week with two national TV commercials. The new is already picking up speed with Canadians, and showing no signs of slowing down. Rapidly clocking in thousands of views in their first few days “on-air”, the ads can be viewed on the YouTube Channel.

“Since day one, we’ve been committed to continually delivering faster, more seamless ways for our customers to find the right vehicle for their needs,” says Sebastian Baldwin, president, TRADER Corporation. “People expect best-in-class from autoTRADER and with these enhancements, we’re putting the latest technology to work to deliver on that promise.”

The new autoTRADER mobile app allows users to harness the power of the new, tuned-up, in the palm of their hands. The new ‘My Garage’ feature allows users to track and save vehicle information, perform custom searches and make notes, helping users remain connected while on the go.

Throughout 2012, buyers and sellers can expect to discover many more innovations when they visit, including new integrated social media tools and exclusive editorial reporting and reviews.

“Whether it’s a Subaru Impreza or a Porche Carrera GT, finding the perfect car is now that much easier thanks to a whole new autoTRADER experience,” adds Baldwin. “The driving force behind these enhancements is years of experience, leading the industry, enhanced by the insightful feedback we continue to get from our loyal community of dealers, buyers, and sellers.”

About TRADER Corporation

TRADER Corporation is a Canadian leader in print and online vertical media with approximately 200 publications and 20 websites covering four product verticals: automotive, real estate, general merchandise and employment. Its main brands include autoTRADER™, autoHEBDO™, and

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Yellow Média inc. annonce l’approbation prévue par la Loi sur Investissement Canada pour la vente de Société Trader

Montréal, QC, le 29 juin 2011 (Marketwire) – Yellow Média inc. (TSX:YLO) a annoncé aujourd’hui que le ministre fédéral de l’Industrie a approuvé la vente de Société Trader à des fonds conseillés par Apax Partners en vertu de la Loi sur Investissement Canada. La conclusion de la vente demeure assujettie aux autres conditions usuelles. La clôture de l’opération devrait avoir lieu vers la fin du mois de juillet 2011.

Aux termes de l’entente définitive annoncée le 25 mars 2011, Yellow Média inc. a convenu de vendre Société Trader à des fonds conseillés par Apax Partners moyennant un prix d’achat au comptant de 745 millions de dollars, sous réserve de rajustements, notamment en ce qui concerne le fonds de roulement. Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements sur cette opération, veuillez vous reporter au communiqué diffusé le 25 mars 2011 au :

À propos de Yellow Media inc.
Yellow Média inc. (TSX:YLO) est l’entreprise internet numéro un au Canada par l’entremise de son réseau de sociétés qui comprend Groupe Pages Jaunes et Canpages. Yellow Média inc. possède et gère les plateformes et les publications parmi les plus populaires au Canada incluant les annuaires Pages Jaunes(MC),,, et Ces destinations en ligne rejoignent environ 9,5 millions de visiteurs uniques chaque mois et les applications mobiles pour la recherche d’entreprises locales et de promotions ont été téléchargées plus de 2 millions de fois à ce jour. Yellow Média inc. est également chef de file dans le domaine de la publicité numérique à l’échelle nationale grâce à Mediative, fournisseur de médias numériques et de solutions marketing pour les agences et annonceurs nationaux. Pour plus de renseignements, voir le site Internet

Mise en garde concernant les énoncés prospectifs
Le présent communiqué de presse contient des énoncés prospectifs au sujet des objectifs, des stratégies, de la situation financière, des résultats d’exploitation, des activités et des affaires de Yellow Média inc. Ces énoncés sont prospectifs puisqu’ils sont fondés sur nos attentes, en date du 29 juin 2011, en ce qui concerne nos activités et les marchés sur lesquels nous les exerçons, ainsi que sur différentes estimations et hypothèses. Nos résultats réels pourraient différer de manière importante de nos attentes si des risques connus ou inconnus touchaient nos activités ou si nos estimations ou hypothèses se révélaient inexactes. Par conséquent, rien ne garantit que nos énoncés prospectifs se réaliseront. Les risques qui pourraient faire en sorte que nos résultats réels diffèrent de façon importante de nos attentes actuelles sont analysés à la rubrique sur les risques et incertitudes de nos rapports de gestion du 5 mai 2011 et du 10 février 2011. Nous n’avons pas l’intention ou l’obligation de mettre à jour un énoncé prospectif, sauf dans la mesure où la loi nous y oblige, que ce soit en raison d’une nouvelle information ou d’un fait nouveau ou pour toute autre raison.