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When it comes to your used car business, winning or losing comes down to making the right decisions that stack the odds in your favour.

Provision Demo Days is your opportunity to discover how to bring greater precision to every used car decision. In 15 minutes, we’ll do an inventory analysis to show you exactly where you’re leaving gross on the table and where you can be more efficient with your used car business.

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MAY 2021

vAuto Provision Demo Days

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vAuto Provision Demo Days

One-on-one demos are available Monday to Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM EDT


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All you need to win in today’s used car market.

If you’re a used car dealer today, you work in a fiercely competitive market. Time is precious, profits are always at risk, and there’s no margin for error. You need a data-driven strategy that gives you a precise understanding of your market — and how to manage your inventory to stay ahead. The vAuto Provision® suite leverages exclusive live market data to help dealerships speed sales velocity, increase profits and prepare for the future.


The Provisioning tool identifies the best vehicles for your live market and tells you exactly how to add them to your inventory on the money. Leveraging exclusive live market data and localized insights, it’s easy to build a more precise inventory, sell more cars and generate more profit.

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Provision’s Appraising tool uses live market data to find the exact used vehicle pricing information dealers need to make the most profitable decision. Its retail-based approach tells you exactly what a specifically equipped vehicle will sell for in retail, wholesale and subprime markets and how fast — so you know exactly what to pay to make a profit.

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Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all used vehicle pricing, and hello to dynamic, market-based pricing from vAuto. The Pricing module gives used car dealers the tools and live market insight to find the sweet spot between competitive pricing and maximum profit.

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Deal Finder

To take advantage of subprime opportunities, you have to eliminate subprime obstacles. Deal Finder helps you find the right subprime inventory for your dealership and match it to the right buyers, without ever getting stuck in a vehicle you can’t sell.

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New to the Canadian market, use the Merchandising feature to create compelling, accurate used vehicle listings that drive more web traffic and more customers to your showroom. Monitor, assess and update listings for every vehicle in your inventory across all third-party sites – all in one place.

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vAuto AutoWriter


AutoWriter is the latest addition to the vAuto Provision Suite. It’s an automated description writing tool that simplifies the process of creating relevant, compelling and well-constructed vehicle descriptions. With AutoWriter, you can create vehicle descriptions in less than 1 minute!

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“vAuto gives me important data about how well cars sell on the market, in order to determine the value of a vehicle… Would I recommend vAuto to another dealer? The answer is, I try not to, because I like to have that edge over my competition. It’s a great tool, and I do recommend it!”

Adam Schrufer | Vice President

What do today’s top performing dealers have in common?

They make decisions based on live market data. They align every effort with an overall strategy. And they work in real time, from desktop to mobile.

They do it all with one solution — Provision®, powered by vAuto.

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Provision is the only inventory management solution on the market that leverages exclusive live market data to provide you with accurate and localized insights.

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No other solution helps you leverage your data better. Provision’s report card and letter grades convert complex market data into easy-to-understand conclusions that drive fast decision-making.

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Start any appraisal with a simple VIN scan from your smartphone or tablet. Once you purchase a vehicle, you can price it competitively in near real-time from that save device.


A vAuto Provision Exclusive!

Provision is the only product in the market that provides the additional support of dedicated Performance Managers. All Provision subscribers have access to an experienced automotive expert who helps you increase your inventory turns and gross profit.

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