Provision ProfitTime

Beat margin compression and take corrective action sooner

As part of the vAuto Provision suite, ProfitTime is a new methodology that shifts your thinking from using days on the calendar to a used vehicle’s investment value as the basis for important inventory management decisions. ProfitTime assigns an Investment Score, and Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating which offers clear insight in knowing how to price a vehicle to move, or be more patient to maximize the returns on your best inventory investments.

vAuto ProfitTime
vAuto ProfitTime

A New Metric in Provision

ProfitTime is not just a new method but also a new metric to your used vehicle strategy. By blending together Cost to Market, Market Days Supply and other factors you’ll gain the truest measure of a vehicle’s profit potential. Making the switch from calendar-watching to ProfitTime lets you strike an optimal balance between inventory turn, volume and gross profit.

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