Marketplace Booster II is a value-packed bundle of products targeted at helping you convert more browsers into buyers. Our team of experts handpicked each product with three specific goals in mind:

Marketplace Booster II


Drive higher conversion by making it easy for shoppers to engage with your brand and by giving them multiple ways to contact you

Marketplace Booster II


Stand out in today’s competitive market by leveraging the power of your brand and drive more traffic to your listings

Marketplace Booster II


Maximize your exposure on mobile through simple and intuitive tools designed to enhance the car shopping experience for today’s tech-savvy consumer


A new way to stand out on mobile.

Marketplace Booster II

With almost half of today’s online traffic coming from mobile, you need to find new ways to stand out! Highlight Listings, a popular and proven listing upgrade product delivering 20% more detail views* on desktop is now available on mobile. Engage car shoppers wherever they are shopping!


Beat the competition with the power of your brand.

Marketplace Booster II

In today’s crowded market you can leverage your brand to help you stand out from the competition. Brand Overlays helps you save time by fully automating the process of adding custom branding to all the hero images of both your new and used inventory.

43% of traffic comes from mobile devices
Source: TRADER Monthly Traffic Report, August 2015.


Instantly connect with today’s mobile car shoppers.

Marketplace Booster II

SMS texting is one of the easiest and most preferred methods for connecting today. With TEXTConnect, consumers can conveniently send a text message right from their mobile device to your dealership. Best of all – it’s a brand new way of generating and tracking mobile leads!

How TEXTConnect Works

  1. Shopper clicks “Text Seller” on the mobile app
  2. Shopper authorizes dealer to engage via text/phone
  3. Dealer will receive an SMS text and/or email alert from the consumer
  4. The dealer will communicate directly with consumer via a SMS device at the dealership
  5. Track and manage TEXTConnect leads through ControlCenter


Convert qualified online traffic to showroom traffic.

Marketplace Booster II

Bring your online traffic to life with Test Drive Rewards. Test Drive Rewards identifies and targets engaged shoppers with gift cards from premium vendors like Apple or Amazon to incent them to visit your dealership for a test drive. Start turning browsers into buyers today!

How Test Drive Rewards Works

  1. Consumer visits a vehicle details page who has Test Driver Offers enabled
  2. Offer is displayed. Consumer fills out the form and receives an email with test drive details and coupon code
  3. Consumer visits the dealership and completes a test drive
  4. Sales rep enters consumer information and coupon code into the system
  5. Consumer receives an email with link to their gift card. Dealer principal will receive a gift card receipt with consumer and sales rep information

91% of today’s mobile car shoppers prefer to chat or text when doing their research.
Source: Contact At Once!, LLC, North America 2014 Dealer Survey Results.