New TRADER Partnership to Revolutionize Test Drive Experience in Canada

Exclusive new partnership with Dealer Drive to empower automotive retailers and OEMs with insights and analytics from real time data captured during test drive process

Toronto, ON (October 10, 2017) – TRADER Corporation is poised to revolutionize the test drive experience in Canada thanks to an exclusive new partnership with Australian-based technology company, Dealer Drive. The partnership, announced today, will see TRADER bringing a digital test drive tracking and analytics solution to automotive retailers and OEMs across Canada.

Designed specifically for the automotive industry, Dealer Drive streamlines the process of conducting customer test drives. In one simple app, dealers can easily store and access data to maximize test drive performance and sales opportunities.

Analyzing every aspect of the customer test drive experience, the app-based Dealer Drive technology can provide real time data to automotive retailers and OEMs signed up to the service – helping increase productivity and realize proven time and cost savings throughout the process. Customer information can be entered straight into a tablet or smartphone, allowing dealership sales staff to capture these details on the go.

In addition to raw data capture, Dealer Drive helps automotive retailers and OEMs to quickly respond to customer feedback, track the quality of the experience and monitor the effectiveness of a test drive – one of the most crucial factors that lead to purchase consideration and sales conversion. The platform supports analysis from Dealer Drive which demonstrates a direct correlation between test drive length and quality.

The partnership comes as part of TRADER’s mission to bring the best software and technology to the Canadian market by searching for global innovations that will help Canadian dealers sell more cars.

“Whether in-house or externally, we are constantly focused on finding the right technology solutions to solve the needs of our customers to help them to improve their businesses,” says Jill Hadfield, Vice President of Product Commercialization at TRADER. “Dealer Drive offers proven data-driven solutions that help overcome some of the challenges that dealerships face today, helping them to operate more efficiently and capitalize on more sales opportunities. Thanks to a product that revolutionizes the test drive experience, we’re sure Dealer Drive will help Canadian retailers obtain similar results to those seen in other markets.”

This mobile-first solution, which is now being rolled out to TRADER’s customer base, is added to an existing roster of efficiency and conversion solutions for dealers throughout Canada.

“We deeply analyzed this market and recognized that TRADER has a proven track record in bringing innovative products to its customers”, says Dealer Drive Co-founder, Michael Webb. “TRADER is able to execute our collective vision of solving retailers’ challenges by providing excellent service and a high level of support for this program.”

Digital solution improves efficiency and reduces waste

Dealer Drive is an efficient and intuitive business tool that enables dealerships to streamline and improve the process for conducting customer test drives. Providing a streamlined digital process to seamlessly capture and monitor all data required for test drives, feedback and follow-up, automotive retailers will experience improved operational efficiency. Dealers can also manage collisions or traffic infringements in the same place, easing frustration while reducing the costs of paper and staff time.

Analyzing data from the driver, as well as the time and distance of the drive route, allows dealers to track elements from the test drive that contributed to a successful sale. Customer feedback allows for direct follow-up on the quality and effectiveness of sales staff. A comprehensive analytics and rating system allows dealer principals and sales managers to provide improved support through various marketing and training initiatives.


Technology allows dealers to work smarter, not harder

Dealer Drive offers the ability to monitor the performance of a single store or an entire dealer network in real-time. Retailers can easily track and measure the operational effectiveness of marketing campaigns and test drives, allowing them to make more informed decisions with accurate, timely information. This directly reduces costs and improves efficiency by investing time and money on what works for their particular store or retail family.

TRADER has mobilized a support team of performance managers to assist retailers that adopt Dealer Drive. These dedicated professionals will ensure the business solution is implemented smoothly, ensuring all departments are taking full advantage of its many features and benefits.

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About Dealer Drive
Dealer Drive offers a smart and simple technology solution to help automotive retailers and OEMs work smarter and more efficiently, reducing costs and eliminating paperwork. Following years of experience in the automotive industry, founders identified inefficiencies and redundancies with how dealerships were managing their test drives, resulting in lost opportunities. Their innovative app designed for tablets and smartphones addresses the core needs of the automotive industry. Dealer Drive has now become the industry standard application for dealerships and OEM’s.

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