Match your credit-challenged buyers with the right cars and reach a new and untapped market!

Subprime Booking, an all-new module available through vAuto’s Provision® suite, enables you to match credit-challenged buyers with the right cars, through exclusive access to the subprime auction market and subprime lenders. Quickly and easily locate subprime inventory that meets lender criteria, and match that inventory to credit challenged buyers before even entering the sales process!



Instantly Find Subprime Inventory
at Auction

Leverage this all- new module to instantly identify the
subprime inventory at the auction.


Determine Every Appraisal’s
Subprime Potential

Subprime potential of every vehicle you appraise is displayed directly within the Appraisal module of the platform.

Verify Multiple Lenders’ Criteria at Once

Capture and store criteria used by preferred lenders to
approve subprime loans, directly within the platform.

Match the Right Customers to the
Right Cars

Match your credit- challenged customers with the vehicles you know they’ll be approved to buy before finalizing the sale.

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