Provision Suite

All you need to win in today’s used car market.

Proven to increase inventory turn rate and reduce average time on lot, Provision® is the best solution for sourcing, appraising and pricing used cars in real time, leveraging exclusive live local market data.

vAuto’s Provision suite has a ten year proven track record. Combined with TRADER’s vast store of proprietary data and analytics, it helps auto dealers build winning used car inventory management strategies using four smart modules.


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Live Local Market View

In today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace, historical and book values are no longer the best ways to assess used cars. With Provision, you get real-time proprietary information from about your specific local market. See what’s happening in your market – every car, every second, everywhere!


Real Experts At Your Fingertips!

vAuto’s Canadian Performance Management team helps dealers align their people and processes to the needs of today’s online shoppers. This dedicated team of experts provides ongoing product support to help dealers integrate the Provision philosophy into their dealership, optimize the product to its potential, and maximize their return.


Mobile App

Get up-to-the-minute used car information when you need it, thanks to Provision’s industry leading mobile app. Available for desktop, mobile or tablet, you can drive your business from the office, on the lot, at the auction or on the go!

Get a free demo using your live market data by filling out the request form.
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